What is communication?

Anna Bazarova
Anna Bazarova
March 30, 2015
What is communication?

The ability to transmit information using words is a distinctive feature of a person. In this case communication serves as an informative transfer tool.

In our article we will try to give a detailed answer to the question "what is communication" and where this term is applicable.


The word communication comes from the Latin communicatio, which means a message or transmission. That is, in a general sense, by communication we mean the exchange of information between interlocutors or the transfer of a message from one person to another. The obvious fact is that if the communication between two or more participants in the dialogue is not effective, then people will not be able to agree on a common goal. And communication is the basis for the existence of any organization in society. Therefore, we conclude that communication is a term closely related to the social sphere of human life.

The term is also involved in various areas of knowledge. Let us consider in more detail what types of communication exist today:

  • Communication in the framework of social (social) sciences (political science, sociology, cultural studies, linguistics, philosophy, history, etc.) is a basic scientific discipline, a process aimed at building relationships between members of society, at solving all sorts of goals and objectives through language and speech.
  • Communication in psychology - is aimed at the exchange of information between living beings, to establish contacts between specific people and groups of people. In this area, communication is viewed from the angle of the relationship between society and the individual.
  • Mass communication is the process of formation and reproduction of the mass consciousness within a society through just mass communication — various media outlets: television and radio broadcasting, periodicals.
  • Intercultural communication - communication between people of different cultures. It implies both direct communication between communities, and mediated communication tools such as speech, writing, and language.
  • Engineering communications (networks) - a technical term for the unity of communications and facilities, aimed at the use in the processes of heat, gas, electricity, drainage.

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