What is dangerous for women low estrogen?

The human body is a complex mechanism, all processes in which are interrelated. That is why, arising, one problem becomes a catalyst for other equally unpleasant processes. Thus, disruption of the endocrine system can lead to the activation of problems with the menstrual cycle, the appearance of formations and the development of various gynecological pathologies. Such a scenario can be avoided on the condition of timely visits to the doctor.

The problem of a reduced level of estrogen has been known in gynecological practice for a long time, and today we will talk about what consequences this may have for women.

Main functions

To understand the depth of the problem, it is necessary first of all to know about the role that this hormone produced by the ovaries plays. So, estrogen:

  • stimulates the proper development of internal genital organs;
  • is responsible for reducing muscle mass and increasing bone tissue, giving the body secondary sexual characteristics (wide pelvis, bulging chest, reserves of adipose tissue in the waist and hips);
  • maintains the correct balance of microflora in the vagina;
  • is responsible for stimulating the production of coagulation factors in the liver, which is why the normal process of menstruation does not turn into bleeding.

This substance begins to develop from the moment of puberty and continues until the onset of menopause.

How to recognize?

The level of estrogen after 40 years begins to gradually decline, this is an indication to visit a doctor, who according to the results of the study may prescribe hormone maintenance therapy. But the problem of lowered estrogen can manifest itself much earlier, which can be indicated by such symptoms as:

  • memory impairment, forgetfulness;
  • decrease in sexual desire, pain during intimacy, itching;
  • infertility, cycle disorder, anovulation, early menopause (up to 40 years);
  • irritability and problems with metabolism (constant swelling and gas formation);
  • deterioration in the appearance of the skin.

Even one of these symptoms, which you have been experiencing for a long time, should become a “bell” for a gynecologist's visit, because an abnormally low estrogen level often indicates ovarian cancer.

The root of the problem

Of course, I would like to know where to look for the cause of the problem. There may be several:

  1. Strong physical exertion. Particularly attentive is to be parents of girls, because increased exercise (including gymnastics and dancing) during puberty and even before it, can lead to a lack of estrogen. Most often, the main symptom by which it can be recognized is irregular menstruation.
  2. Incorrect food. The basis of all hormones is fat. If it enters the body in insufficient quantities, it can cause problems with the reproductive system. If the amount of fat in the diet is less than 20%, then the hypothalamus and pituitary gland do not interact with the ovaries, which produce estrogen, and this can lead to a delay in the onset of the first menstruation in adolescents and the development of more serious diseases in an adult woman.
  3. Diseases and operations. Removal of the uterus or ovaries can also trigger a decrease in estrogen production. Contribute to this and complex genetic diseases, such as, for example, Turner syndrome and various pathologies of the thyroid gland.Anorexia, polycystic ovary disease, pituitary diseases fall into the same list.
  4. Menopause. This is a natural reason for reducing hormone levels. But it requires medical supervision, so do not neglect the visit to a specialist.

We take measures

What to do if the symptoms confirmed the presence of endocrine disruption? Start solving the problem. Qualified examination and delivery of tests is the first thing that will be necessary. There are several treatment options:

  • using synthetic hormones;
  • using phytoestrogens.

The use of the first often causes adverse reactions, so the world is gradually moving to natural remedies that have the same effect, provided it is properly taken. Phytoestrogens can often be found in the form of dietary supplements, which can be found in specialized pharmacies. You will be offered various forms - teas, fees or capsules.

But the easiest way to review your diet and add to it products that can provide you with natural hormones:

  • seeds (flax, sesame, sunflower);
  • legumes (beans, soybeans);
  • vegetables (asparagus, carrots, potatoes, zucchini);
  • fruit (raspberry, strawberry, peach);
  • grain (barley, oats).

Flax seeds are recommended to be consumed with low-fat food in the amount of 100 g per day. Also helps to normalize the hormonal background soy milk. But you should not abuse it, since this product is most often prepared on the basis of a genetically modified basis.

Another simple product that will help not only to normalize the level of the hormone, but also to clear the body of toxins - bran.

Folk secrets

Help in solving the problem of low estrogen can and folk remedies. Try these simple recipes.

  1. Cut several sheets of aloe and refrigerate for several days. Take out and squeeze the juice out of them, take 1 tsp. 3 times a day.
  2. 1 tsp plantain seeds pour 1 tbsp. boiling water and let simmer for 10 minutes. Cool, take 1/3 of Art. 3 times a day.
  3. It will also help the usual nettle. Leaves need to be collected, dried and crushed. 2 tablespoons pour in a thermos, pour 1 tbsp. boiling water and leave overnight. Drink 1 sip 3 times a day.
  4. Ginseng and red clover have a similar effect. They need to steam as tea and drink three times a day.

The way of life is important!

Numerous medical studies confirm that the lifestyle of a woman directly affects the production of estrogen. Smoking and the systematic use of alcohol aggravate the problem.

But caffeine, as it turned out, is a good stimulator of not only energy, but also the production of a hormone. But it is worth being very careful, because consuming more than 3 cups of a strong drink a day can have a completely opposite effect - actively producing estrogen and its excess can cause gynecological diseases.

Also, adult women should know that having a regular sex life reduces the risk of an imbalance of hormones.

It is necessary to monitor your health at any age, because well-being and lack of problems are the best soil for many life achievements. Do not forget about visits to a gynecologist every six months and be healthy!

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