What is kinetic sand?

Kinetic sand - it sounds strange and incomprehensible. But already many children managed to test it and appreciated how exciting and interesting the game is. If you have not heard anything about kinetic sand so far, it's time to figure out what it is.

What is it?

What is kinetic sand? This is a modern unique material designed for children's (and adult) games and first appeared in Sweden. In texture, it resembles ordinary sand, but is lighter and wetter. During the lessons the material does not crumble, but it is easy and convenient to sculpt any shape from it.

The composition of kinetic sand includes two main components: quartz sand (the proportion is 98%) and an additive based on E900 silicone. The latter substance is completely safe and is used in the food industry, so even the ingress of material into the mouth will not cause harm. Natural food colorings can also be used, giving different shades to the sand.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider all the advantages of kinetic sand:

  • In this material, there are no dangerous pathogenic pathogens that can live in a sandbox with ordinary sand or, for example, on the shore of a reservoir. Initially it is practically sterile.
  • The sand never dries out and even after long-term active exploitation it remains the same plastic and is slightly wet to the touch.
  • The material is completely safe. Firstly, it can not be a source of infection, unlike ordinary sand. Secondly, the composition of harmless components that even if accidentally hit in the mouth or swallowed small amounts will not harm the health of the child.
  • Ease of use. To sculpt from such an amazing sand is sheer pleasure, because it is pleasant to the touch, has a light texture, takes any form, does not stain the surrounding objects, does not crumble and does not stick to hands and clothes.
  • Classes are not only exciting and fun, but also useful. Games use fine motor skills and stimulate the development of a speech center, develop creativity and imagination, help learn to focus and concentrate attention, relieve stress and hyperactivity, and improve tactile sensations.
  • A variety of occupations.You can come up with many fun games, including developing, creative and educational.
  • Long service life. Unlike ordinary toys, which can quickly break and fail, the kinetic sand retains all its original characteristics.
  • Ease of use, practicality. After the game, simply remove the material in the container and close the container tightly. When contaminated, sand washing is allowed, and it dries quickly and under normal conditions, and wetting does not affect the quality.

Cons are few:

  • Unpleasant smell emanating from the material and having notes of glue or vinegar. It is not very sharp and is present in the first days, then disappears and disappears completely.
  • The material is not suitable for some games that involve pouring sand, sieving it. He is not loose.
  • If you make a big figure, it is unlikely to keep its shape.
  • The sand will stick to the silicone molds. And if you step on it, it will stick to the sole of the shoe.
  • The price may seem rather high, especially considering the small actual volume of the material. Its density is high, so it seems that the sand in the package a bit.

What sand to prefer?

How to choose kinetic sand? In principle, all materials found on the market have similar qualities and differ little in terms of properties. And yet it is worth considering the popular brands and their features:

  1. The branded sand of the Swedish brand “Kinetic Sand” of the company “Waba Fun” was the first and for some time the only one, and it pleases with a wide range of goods and equipment. In the series there are materials of different shades (including bright and even flickering), and in packages you can find presses, storage containers, molds, stamps. In addition, there are special kits, such as "Ice Cream Cafe", "Construction", "Fleet".
  2. Cosmic plastic sand (Russia) has the same characteristics, but has a more affordable cost. You can find several colors on sale, as well as kits for children's creativity with molds in the kit.
  3. The “Lori homemade sandbox” of Russian production also has a cost lower than the Swedish brand, but otherwise everything is almost the same: different shades, molds in the set. In addition, you can find a set with an inflatable sandbox and paddles. Multi-colored “rainbow” sand is packaged in separate small containers.
  4. "Angel Sand" is produced in South Korea and is slightly different from other brands in composition, which instead of quartz sand includes fine mineral. This is reflected in the texture: it is very airy, light, resembles, rather, not the usual sand, but flour. But the shape is well preserved.

For your information! Each brand offers packaging of different sizes, usually from 1 kilogram to 5.

How to use?

What is kinetic sand meant for? For games, development, creativity, learning and just a pleasant and rewarding pastime. You can make different figures, build, compare the size of the formed elements, draw on the sand, leave traces of stamps, cut out the elements with a safe knife, or even learn how to use cutlery and learn cooking skills.

Kinetic sand is suitable for children over three years of age, since babies can sample the material for taste or shove in the nose, which is undesirable and even dangerous when inhaled. As for the optimal volume, it depends on the age of the child and the characteristics of the classes. So, the three-year plan is enough for 1-1.5 kg, and the older child will need much more, especially if he plans to build a large-scale construction.

It is quite possible to store the material in normal room conditions with an average level of humidity (45-60%). It is better to put it in a container and close the container in order to avoid spillage and ingress of foreign substances or odors. Also restrict access to small children and pets. Storage time is not limited to manufacturers.

And finally, a few rules for using amazing kinetic sand:

  1. When wet, lay out the material in an even thin layer and leave to dry for a while. Use a heater or hair dryer is not necessary.
  2. If the kinetic sand has become dry (for example, due to heating or low humidity), either sprinkle it with a little water, or wet your hands and remember the material in them. Pouring water is not worth it.
  3. Before practicing, it is advisable to wash your hands so as not to smudge the material and not to transmit foreign odors to it.
  4. Do better in tight and smooth clothes, to which the material will not stick. The girl should collect the hair in a ponytail or bundle.
  5. After the games, carefully collect the sand to avoid reducing its volume.
  6. Do not add foreign substances, they may impair ductility.

Be sure to try to play with the kinetic sand with your child. It is interesting and useful!

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