What is rip

What is rips

In essence, RIPs are pirated products. Mostly on the Internet there are illegal copies of movies and TV shows, as well as music albums and various software. Usually, the submitted copy exactly repeats the contents of a CD or DVD with one or another type of product that was purchased legally and subsequently merged into the network. Rips of films that have several varieties are becoming more common.

Types of rips

The most poor-quality copy of the movie is Camrip. It is created right in the cinema using a simple video camera, after which the person who made it uploads the recorded video to the network. In general, the image of the Camrip is very muddy, the sound is poorly distinguishable, and on the background of the screen there are constantly people who also distract with their talk and coughing.There are also fans of such rips, claiming that their advantage lies in a fast, almost simultaneous with the premiere appearance in the network, as well as in the effect of being in a cinema hall.
DVD-rip is a better copy of the film, which is a transfer to the standard video format of the contents of the disc, such as mkv or avi. In this format, the recording is convenient to upload to the network. These copies usually have good quality and almost completely repeat the quality of the DVD-disc with the movie. Here is the official translation, five-channel and more sound. At the same time copies remain illegal, since copying and distribution of this information is prohibited by law.
Copies of TV shows and TV shows are called TV-rip. With the help of TV tuners and external recording devices, a series, match or show is recorded on TV during their broadcast, after which it is digitized into the required format and laid out on the network. When editing, they remove ad units and screensavers from rips, so Internet users get the final cleaned up copy, which can be viewed at any convenient time and, if necessary, paused.More advanced versions of digitized movies and TV programs are called HDTV-rip, which are copies of the highest quality and resolution.
Copies of music and all other types of information are often referred to as Web-rip. Usually legal versions are available for review and download on the Internet after their payment. Pirates purchase licensed copies and then place them on their sites for free download.

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