What is the best way to start feeding

If there are no problems in the development of the child, his height and weight meet the standards of his age, doctors recommend starting to introduce supplements from six months. Complementary feeding of children-artificials begin earlier: from 4-4.5 months. The frequency of allergies in these children is much higher. An indirect sign that the baby has grown to normal food is his interest in how adults eat. He watches with curiosity, watches over a spoon or fork, tries to touch the food with his hands.
Where to start lure - a moot point. Some advise starting with cereals, some with vegetables. There is no particular difference between them, but cereals contribute to a better weight gain. From the groats fit buckwheat, rice, corn. Choose special baby cereals that do not contain milk. If you decide to start with vegetables, zucchini, cauliflower or broccoli are suitable for the first time.
On the first day of feeding, give the baby a couple of teaspoons of food and breastfeed. Watch the reaction of the small organism carefully.If redness, rash, loose stools, or complaints of a sore stomach appear, discard this dish and try another one in 3-4 days. If the child responded normally, the next day, increase the portion by one more spoon. By the end of the week, the baby should eat 50 g of complementary foods, and in two weeks you will probably be able to replace one meal with a portion of 100 g. You do not need to add some baby food. Let the child feel the natural tastes. But butter can be introduced, but not immediately and in small quantities.
Change the dish in two weeks. Try a new porridge or other type of vegetables. After the child tries a couple of dishes, you can pamper him with fruit puree: apple or pear. You should not start the lure immediately with fruit. Many parents want to feed the baby something tasty. However, after a sweet mashed potatoes, he can refuse vegetables and cereals. As an option, give the child juice (apple or pear). It is also necessary to start with a pair of spoons.
It is more convenient to feed the child with a coffee or a small silver spoon. Do not be discouraged if the baby spits out food, cries and refuses to eat. Offer him several times, but do not force the child.He may be frightened, and in the future it will be difficult for you to teach him to eat. Also, it is not necessary to specifically replace the feeding completely with lure, if the child, even after eating, requires milk.

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