What is the dream in which you play

You can play not only in reality, but also in a dream. Such a pleasant pastime in a dream does not always mean good.

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Play in a dream
See what you play in a dream

Home Dream

Games in a dream say that you are very relaxed at the moment and do not take the situation seriously.

Star Dreams

Play chess in a dream - get ready for the fact that you will be cunningly deceived. Also, such a dream warns of difficulties, struggle and tension. If you worked on some musical instrument, rejoice. This dream says that you and your friends will be fine.

Female dream book

If you see yourself engaging with children, then in real life you just can’t decide and find something to your liking. Your old work has already tortured you, but you can’t find a new one.

Erotic dream book

To dream of playing children - fortunately and good luck in love relationships. Do not miss this chance. Fate favors you, your dreams will be fulfilled. You can safely implement your plans, everything will be fine.The main thing is not to delay.

Dream interpretation of Catherine the Great

If in a dream you saw yourself gambling, you are surrounded by people who want to deceive you. They are mean, mean and insidious. Watch out for them. If during the game someone deceived you, in real life you will face a complete failure. You will probably take a huge risk, but it will not help. People will blame only you for failure.

If a girl sees that she has been deceived in a game of chance, her beloved will soon break the propriety of herself. She is disappointed because this person will be unworthy of her love.

Cards in a dream - to be deceived. The type of occupation is also important. Domino - fun and enjoyable rest, billiards - to trouble, checkers - to the upcoming pleasures. Why dream of playing dice - a dream-caution. Do not try to speculate on something, otherwise you will have to deal with the law.

Home Dream

Play as a team - you and your friends have common goals. If in a dream you are just an outside observer of the game, it speaks of your uncertainty in your own knowledge and strength. If an adult dreamed that he was playing children's games,He wants to avoid responsibility and forget about worries and troubles.


If you are engaged with a child, it means that you are looking for your vocation. It's hard, but you don't have to give up. If you are stubborn and firm, good luck will come and not leave you.

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