Why is a white cross useful?

Perespen white - a unique and very useful plant. Find out its properties and learn how to apply this gift of nature to promote health.

Plant description

The white steppe is a herbaceous plant and belongs to the pumpkin family, that is, it is practically considered a close relative of the well-known pumpkin. It is a monoecious vine, also called “Adam's root,” with a fleshy dense root, covered with spikes or bare long stems, five-lobed toothed leaves, and yellowish-white flowers. The fruits are small, rounded dark berries.

In the treatment and prophylactic purposes, underground parts of the plant, that is, its roots, are used, and they are more useful not in dried, but in fresh form. The collection is carried out before the beginning of the flowering period, that is, around April or May.


White roots are particularly useful, and they can detect substances such as coumarins, essential oils, triterpene saponins, alkaloids, phytosterols, carbohydrates, tannins, glycosides, as well as numerous organic acids.


The healing properties are well studied and even proved, so the white perestupenum is widely used in folk medicine and is used for the preparation of various means, including pharmacies. It can be found in the composition of dietary supplements and herbal preparations.

The curative properties of such a plant as a white steep are amazing and numerous:

  • First of all, the root of the white peregrine is very useful for joints and helps to restore them, thanks to which it is actively used to treat a wide variety of diseases, such as sciatica, arthritis, lumbago, radiculitis, plexitis and others.
  • During the experimental study, it was found that the plant has antitumor properties and is able to stop the growth of tumors, as well as slow the degeneration of cells into malignant ones.
  • The white shifter has long been used as an effective analgesic since it has a pronounced analgesic effect and facilitates the condition with many unpleasant sensations.
  • It is worth noting a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The plant has astringent properties, helps to stop bleeding of different nature and normalize blood coagulability.
  • The white peregrine stimulates the activity of the ciliated epithelium of the respiratory tract, as well as the sputum evacuation. Thanks to these properties, the plant can be used to treat cough.
  • The roots have a diuretic effect and improve kidney function.
  • The plant intensifies the peristalsis of the intestinal walls and helps cope with constipation and normalize the stool.


It is worth remembering that the plant is poisonous, so it should be used very carefully, in permissible and moderate dosages and only after consulting a doctor. Overdose can provoke severe poisoning, accompanied first by excitation of the central nervous system, then with muscle spasms and cramps, and then leading to paralysis.

Important: White step may cause allergic reactions. Individual hypersensitivity to this plant is also likely. In addition, the products based on the adamic root have an irritant effect on mucous membranes and are therefore contraindicated in gastritis and ulcers.

How to apply?

How to use such a useful white cross step?

We offer several proven recipes of traditional medicine:

  1. When constipation and edema effective decoction. A teaspoon of crushed white root is poured over with two glasses of freshly boiled water and kept on low flame for twenty minutes, then insist for half an hour, filter and drink half a glass before each meal, that is, three times a day.
  2. With bleeding and bronchitis tincture will help. To prepare shredded fresh roots in the amount of one hundred grams are poured with a liter of vodka. The mixture moves to a tightly closed container and is sent to a cool and dark place for two weeks. After this time, the medium is filtered and taken ten to fifteen drops before meals three times a day.
  3. For diseases of the joints and pain, you can use water infusion. To obtain it, a tablespoon of fresh and pre-crushed raw materials should be placed in a thermos or other similar container and pour a glass of boiling water. The remedy is infused within an hour. After straining, the liquid should be taken after a meal in a tablespoon or two in case of severe pain syndrome.Also, the infusion is used for compresses, lotions and gargles.
  4. Fresh roots can be applied externally. To do this, crush the freshly harvested raw material, turn it into a homogeneous mass and apply to the affected areas of the skin: trophic ulcers, ulcers, non-healing and bleeding wounds, and so on. Leave the gruel for an hour, then remove with a napkin. Repeat this procedure several times a day and continue to apply until healing.

If you have discovered for yourself the amazing properties of white stripe, then by all means test them on yourself, in consultation with your doctor.

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