What manicure is now in trend

Which cover to choose if everything is boring? Here are 5 fresh ideas from the manicure master Yulia Biryukova. Shall we try?

Julia Biryukova

Julia Biryukova,
manicurist manikyuroff studio

- Now unusual, but at the same time concise nail design is in fashion. Many were subdued by a mirror manicure, the peculiarity of which lies in an unusual coating, resembling a mirror or a shiny, polished metal. Covering the ombre (a smooth transition of one color to another) is also very popular. Increasingly, they began to ask me about the matte finish - in this case, the dark shades look the most impressive. But the main trend of 2017, of course, is the coating of nails, reminiscent of broken glass.

Mirror manicure

Ways to create a mirror manicure set. But the easiest of them is to initially buy the necessary lacquer, and not to suffer with additional coatings, rubbing in a small shimmer, and so on. Looks like this version of the manicure is bright, but it fits almost any image.No less impressive is the option when the mirror coating is adjacent to the dark shades on the adjacent fingers.

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