What people shouldn't you talk to?

"The only luxury I know is the luxury of human communication." This aphorism belongs to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, creator of the wise fairy tale for adults “The Little Prince”.

Indeed, communication is a great value available to people. Despite the fact that each of us is a person with his own world view and principles, we all are in a society, influence it and experience reciprocal influence. Outside of our wishes, the people around us can change our mood, consciousness and energy.

Therefore, it is important to create a comfortable social circle that allows you to tune in to the positive and creation, and not to pessimism and destruction. Remember how many wonderful beginnings and ideas remained unfulfilled, because the wrong person turned out to be nearby.

How much effort has been spent to bring to the sad pessimist an interesting idea that he absolutely does not care about.

The benefits of comfortable communication

First of all, communicating, a person develops morally and socially.

Secondly, by sharing plans and thoughts with other people, she can be inspired and motivated.

Thirdly, a constructive dialogue sets up positive emotions and leads to success. This is what communication with like-minded people is like.

Why is it necessary to spend time and energy on those who do not understand you? Exclude from the number of acquaintances those who annoy you and try to use, who love only themselves and are inclined to criticize any of your actions, who are always dissatisfied with everyone and bring discord into your state of mind. Or minimize communication with them.

Top 7 Uncomfortable

So, what kind of personalities shouldn't you talk to? In this list we have included seven personality types that are not recommended for friendship and close contact:

  1. The first in the list are the manipulators. These are people who are able to influence the feelings, thoughts and actions of others with benefit for themselves. Possessing the gift of recognizing "painful" points and weaknesses of the interlocutor, they can realize their goals, passing them off as the interlocutor's goals. All familiar manipulators "work for their benefit," sometimes without even realizing it, because an individual approach was found to each of them.Some have a sense of duty, others have pity, and others have guilt. The manipulator can underestimate self-esteem by imposing one's opinion and questioning the values ​​and moral qualities of a person. And he is able to skillfully coordinate your actions and deeds, with the benefit for him personally. With manipulators, you can lose your "I" and commit acts, which later will have to regret.
  2. The second position is occupied by pessimists. Oh, these are eternal whiners who can ruin the mood even for a seasoned optimist! They will certainly point out all the flaws, mark all the disadvantages and remind them of their unhappy fate. Initially cause empathy, but eventually everyone starts to understand that this is a lifestyle ... Communication with them becomes a burden, especially at times when you need support and a positive attitude. With pessimists, mental strength and time are wasted. Under a certain set of circumstances (and optimists have sad days), they can infect with their attitude.
  3. Remember the mythical Narcissus? So, narcissistic individuals are in third place. Next to them everyone will consider themselves a "free application".All events, feelings and actions will be subject only to them. To be realized next to a daffodil is difficult, because he too will try to manipulate the environment, extolling his dignity. A narcissist egoist will be annoyed to adequately perceive a person and his talents. With daffodils you will spend precious time, faith in your uniqueness. After all, egoists do not care about your interests and dignity, but also of devotion and friendship.
  4. The fourth place in the list is given to critics who consider their opinion the only correct one. The fact that the interlocutor is wrong, they will be furiously proved for hours, loudly and categorically. Entering into a dialogue with them, everyone risks getting a charge of negative energy, because the arguments of the critics lead “with taste”, leading the opponent to despair and anger. Your opinion will always not coincide with the opinion of the critic. Of course, the polarity of views takes place for a sober assessment of something, but in an acceptable amount. Constructive communication is not possible with critics. And who needs these nerves and negative?
  5. The fifth position is hypocrites. These are potential traitors, seemingly harmless and cowardly.Their words and deeds cause cognitive dissonance in those around them. The ability of hypocrites to instantly change their views on the radically opposite is simply amazing. With hypocrites you will always be at risk. Believing in compliments and assurances of sincere devotion can be left without support in a difficult situation. Such superficial relationships take years of life, ending with negative emotions.
  6. The sixth in the top were people, communication with whom destroys our dreams. These are self-confident individuals, reminiscent of pessimists in their disbelief in the strength and ability of an opponent. They will never support other people's endeavors. Moreover, they will vehemently prove the impossibility of their implementation. With “dream killers” there is no faith in oneself, no inspiration and development. Because every idea proposed by others will be ridiculed and questioned. Why listen to these "well-wishers"?
  7. Closed list of ignoramuses, which is full around. Shamelessness, illiteracy and tactlessness of such people can harm your peace of mind and even image. After all, having been with them in the company of decent people, you will have to blush for the unceremonious behavior of the satellite.These are people who do not think before they speak. They don't care about other people's feelings. Moreover, having a good intellectual level, these individuals manage to make inappropriate and offensive remarks. Do not communicate with ignoramuses who do not know the rules of decency. Otherwise, you may be suspected of belonging to this type. Do you need it?

We often try to fit ourselves under the framework adopted in society. For example, it is inconvenient for us to refuse to communicate to a person who obsessively seeks to contact with us, without at all disposing to himself. At the same time, we experience negative emotions - irritation, anger, and so on, and even try to correct it. We suffer, in short.

A manipulator, ignorant hypocrite, criticism is all the same! Do not waste time on people with whom your heart does not beat in unison. Let there be only those with whom mentally and comfortably. Theodore Roosevelt said: "The most important formula for success is knowledge, how to communicate with people."

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