What problems can cause a bad appetite?

In order to deal with the concept of poor appetite, you need to decide what is simple, appetite. Each person roughly represents the sensations in which he wants to eat, but how does this happen and why?

From the Latin language, appetite is desire, aspiration, and from the satisfaction of any desire or desire, we get a certain dose of pleasure.

So it turns out that appetite is the desire of the body to satisfy its energy needs, having fulfilled that, we get a pleasant feeling of pleasure.

How does this happen at the level of mechanics? The physiology of the human body is such that the center responsible for eating and appetite is in the brain. The blood circulating in the body, once again passing through the brain, gives a signal of hunger, as it did not receive the next portion of nutrients.

The food center, having received the necessary signal, begins to give its signals, which we already feel in the form of a light appetite or hunger.

What can cause bad appetite? That is, in fact, the brain ceases to give its signals about the need for a meal. Every person in his life, at least several times, but experienced a lack of appetite.

And, if this is a short-term phenomenon that does not drag on for weeks and months, it's not scary, our body is "wise", so it will quickly recover and adjust to the right way.

In other cases, there is reason to be afraid, because this can be a signal of serious diseases, as well as the lack of proper nutrition can cause a violation of the food balance, which leads to an incorrect combination of essential substances in the body, such as fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals. From here - excessive thinness or, on the contrary, obesity.

What happened?

  • Any disruption in the functioning of the body is the result of some changes or unforeseen situations. It should be understood that lack of appetite is quite a dangerous thing, considering that the food that a person consumes is an important connecting factor between the environment and a person, and also performs a number of vital functions: energy, protective, plastic and others.
  • Problems in the gastrointestinal tract.Often, with diseases of the stomach, liver, pancreas, appetite is significantly reduced, which can lead to severe exhaustion. Most often, serious diseases of such organs are accompanied not only by loss of appetite, but also by other characteristic symptoms - nausea, pain, problems with the stool.
  • Violations in diets. The keen desire to lose weight sometimes leads to the fact that a person completely abandons certain groups of food, and even food at all, eating only liquids. This is absolutely impossible to do, one of the main problems of this type of food is a significant decrease in appetite even when it is no longer required, which can easily lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to complete loss of appetite - anorexia. Such a disease may be accompanied by a manic desire to correct the “flaws” of the figure, which is reflected in the complete unwillingness to eat food.
  • Consequences of medication and improper treatment. Long-term medication, herbal tinctures and other potent drugs can lead to loss of appetite, both in adults and very young ones.Wrong medication may occur due to self-treatment, as well as an erroneous diagnosis.
  • Bad habits. Uncontrolled use of alcohol, smoking, the use of narcotic substances can also serve as a reason to refuse to eat.
  • Disorders in the nervous system. One of the common reasons when a person refuses to accept food is a psychological breakdown or overstrain. Surely everyone knows that before an important exam or an event, even a piece of bread cannot be eaten, because thoughts are occupied with completely different questions.

What does this lead to?

  • Systematic refusal of food can lead to the most pernicious and even incurable consequences. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the concept of “proper” appetite is very slippery, because it may depend on various factors - age group, type of activity, and, for example, physique.
  • If a child has a bad appetite, then this, naturally, does not bode well. This suggests that he does not receive enough nutrients and nutrients that he needs for growth and normal development.
  • The poor appetite of a learning group of people or people of mental labor can lead to a decrease in brain activity, a person ceases to absorb material and loses the ability to reason sensibly. People who get a lot of physical activity are simply obliged to have good nutrition, since its absence leads to a decrease in efficiency and increased fatigue.

All this is only the initial stages, which can develop into serious diseases of the digestive and nervous system, to cope with which subsequently is not so easy.

What to do?

In order to increase the appetite, it is necessary to arouse the desire for food, to make our brain “remember” that it needs to give special signals. To do this, there are a considerable number of ways and, even, drugs that help to return the desire to eat well and properly.

It is necessary to be as much as possible in the fresh air, because we all know that walks can excite a considerable appetite. Especially it concerns walks on the seashore, in park or the wood, nearby mountains. A certain charge of energy and the entry of a large amount of oxygen into the body leads to an increased function of the food center.

Do sports.Whatever you do - dancing or wrestling, running or swimming - all this will cause your body to lose a considerable amount of energy, which will need to be replenished just by absorbing food.

To the aid can always come traditional medicine, which is rich in various herbs that can whet the appetite. These include - infusion of yarrow, wormwood, dandelion or calamus root. By the way, beloved by many, tea with mint, is also a good pathogen of appetite.

But there are situations when for the resumption of normal appetite, it is necessary to eradicate the underlying disease, which was the cause of its loss. It is necessary to turn to specialists who will be able to prescribe the correct treatment for you, starting from a specific problem.

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