What should be a "real woman"

To begin with, for journalist theorists of ideal femininity, the key factor is the masculine view on this topic. Like, we listen to the men, what they dream of seeing a real woman, and write down their glorious recommendations to the subcortex. For all that, even the photographs are not attached to the men, in order to see who exactly here demands from the woman “to be defenseless and strong simultaneously”.

Is it a role-playing game? Type when the dishes in the sink a lot, then strong, and when my husband needs a free session on the release of accumulated anger in the air, then defenseless?

And if the hooligans are attacking on the street, and the husband is a hooligan, then which option to choose? He does not get sick of manhood then, if the woman next will be bolder and more agile? But in the reasoning of these real women, there is usually no domestic specifics - continuous epithets about hard work, thrift and tenderness with kindness.

What should be a "real woman"

The more theorists sin new femininity, so this is a reference to the distant past.Over the past twenty years, they have not had any authority, but they just love to savor that they punished a woman there at a time when she could not vote, divorce, or inherit. Here is Napoleon Bonaparte: "A beautiful woman likes the eyes, but the good heart; one is a beautiful thing, and the other is a treasure. ” And nothing that both options in the second part of the proposal are subjects and not every woman would like to be a thing, even if beautiful? Napoleon died already two centuries ago, and also in exile, and for some reason his quotes are still considered reference.

Another golden rule of the articles about "real women": add some muck about feminists. It looks like a pinch of pepper in the soup, without it does not go so magical taste of this most ideal woman. Usually they parry with the fact that no matter how feminists fight / influence / resist / resent, they lose, as if the image of a woman who stands for her rights and does not want to be humiliated is the opposite of the semi-mythical real woman. " These same feminists for authors of articles about true femininity bythe script spoils everything, but the main thing is their evil is that they make women forget that in order to please men you need to be loving, kind and gentle. Yeah, but also patient, silent and indulgent in everything. And always this real woman must first sincerely love her man and only then receive reciprocity.

For a real educated woman of the 21st century, this all sounds like a song about the Nibelunks of the XII-th century sample. But journalists still try, “vintage”, mixing biblical motifs and quotes from Domostroi into romantic rhetoric: “She must forgive mistakes”, “She likes to give”, “She always tidied at home, the husband is fed, children are dressed”

What should be a "real woman"

To put a marketer to analyze these articles, and he / she would conclude that in these articles about how to be a real woman, as if described a good competent service. Each proposal is accompanied by a call to give something, present, give, be able to be and, most importantly, receive a buzz from it and never criticize what you get in return. It reminds service in an expensive private club, where any whim is possible for the client’s money.Hence the conclusion that a real woman is one that MUST man a good unqualified service with 24-hour availability and who is ready to make this "work" an unconditional sense of one's own life. That is why the articles condemn female egoism or passion for their own careers in this way: the “real woman” has no one else in front of her eyes, except her man. Although in the next article they will write that, nevertheless, she must be interested in something in order not to be stupid and uninteresting. Again for men. To be and not to be humble and sexy, meek and with intelligence, strong and weak. And most importantly, with all this set of qualities, you do not have to interfere with your feet. Or is it better to be completely invisible, non-existent, unattainable, so that someone else could still believe that there is some truth in this tale.

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