What style of wedding dress to choose?

Most of the girls who go to the salon of wedding dresses are not well aware of what they really need, because choosing a dress for such an occasion is a serious step that is very important to do right, because it is in this form that the bride will be imprinted not only on wedding photos. , but also in the memory of her lover.

For many girls, the choice of a wedding dress is also complicated because they never wore long evening dresses at all, and then from their favorite jeans and T-shirts they will immediately have to jump into a dress, and what a dress!

Gentle and tasteful

Some girls are convinced that it is impossible to find a dress that will look harmonious under their figure. We dare to assure you, all this is nonsense, modern designers offer such an infinite number of options that for every, even the most difficult case, there will be a perfect wedding solution.

But then another question arises: how not to get lost in such a variety and abundance of styles of wedding dresses,How to find the one that eclipses all other options and presents the bride in the best light? A good wedding dress should not only fit perfectly, emphasize the dignity of its owner and conceal possible shortcomings, but also reflect her inner world, emphasize her character and reflect exactly the style she prefers in everyday life.

Where should I start?

Immediately run to the salons and try on all sorts of options - not the best idea, so first look through the catalogs of wedding fashion, make conclusions that you are attracted more, and you don’t even want to look, so it will be easier for you to explain your desires to the sales assistant and save so precious time before the wedding.

Then decide on a two-three urban wedding salons that inspire confidence in you, it is better to pre-ring there, because in some of them you may need to pre-record for a fitting. Go to the salon only in a good mood, and also make sure that you have been allocated a lot of time, because such purchases are not made in an hour or two.


It is advisable before you go for a dress, to purchase wedding shoes already, so as not to lose time with the length. If the length of the hem does not suit you, then usually right in the salon the dress is shortened and hemmed depending on the height of the heel.

If you still haven’t purchased your bridal shoes, then take with you at least shoes with the expected heel height. The ideal length of the wedding dress, which fits all the girls - 2-3 cm above the ground. In this dress, you do not have to constantly step on the hem and get confused in its fabrics, besides, it will not drag on the floor and get very dirty from it.

True, some girls flatly refuse such a length, considering that the dress should lie on the floor. Yes, it may be more beautiful, but you will be tortured to constantly lift the skirt and hold onto a long train, although, with regards to the latter, the question is still controversial. A beautiful long train is that detail which is able to favorably distinguish a particular dress from the sea of ​​similar ones.

In addition, there are several ways to make it so that at the right moments the train does not interfere with you, so if you have always dreamed of just such a dress, then in no case deny yourself the pleasure, and small inconveniences can be and endure.

How to choose the right dress silhouette?

Dress "Princess" or "magnificent". Probably, it is about such a miracle that many girls dream of their childhood, and not only, indeed, it is capable, as well as possible, of emphasizing the solemnity of the event and enabling its possessor to feel like a real princess, or countess, at worst. A kind of ballroom version, which for many has already become a classic vision of a wedding dress, will make you feel at a real ball or a secular reception.

It should be noted that this style looks good on almost all types of figures, the only thing, excessively magnificent skirts should be guarded by very thin and short girls. Behind numerous tulle, folds and rings, the bride herself will not be seen, in other words, she can “drown” or “dissolve” in him.

For the real queen

The same applies to excessively well-fed brides, and without that impressive body volume will increase further due to the decent volume of the dress. But for girls of medium or tall such dresses will fit perfectly, you can also hide disproportionately large hips with the help of lush skirts or, on the contrary,too flat and thin buttocks that are not in harmony with a rather voluminous top (figures like pear, hourglass, V-silhouette).

Dress "A-silhouette". A universal style that looks good on almost any body: it makes a very slim and angular girl more feminine and elegant, and slims full ladies due to a corset extension and skirt extension to the bottom. Such dresses, as well as fluffy ones, are best to be worn with rings or a fluffy soft petticoat that will reveal all the beauty of your skirt and provide you with easier movement in it.

A silhouette

Dress "Greek" or "Empire." Such a silhouette came into vogue in the times of ancient Greece, but in the modern world it is used with pleasure in evening and wedding fashion. Usually the dress is sewn of lightweight fabric, embellished with a high waist, which made it especially popular among brides in position.

Real goddess

Such a silhouette is perfect for fragile girls with small breasts, as well as women with a pear-shaped figure or girls of dense build. Very empire-looking dresses in the Empire style with a long train, it is also important to remember that when choosing a Greek style it is better to abandon the veil or add only a thin single-layer, which is fixed under the hair.

Dress "Mermaid".Beautiful in the pictures, but rather complicated in real life: in order for such a dress to really sit luxuriously, you need to have a perfect model appearance, preferably an hourglass figure. The slightest tummy, improper growth or too flat butt will immediately spoil the whole chic of this style, so you should approach it very carefully.

For those who love tulle

Dress "Straight". This style looks best on slender and medium height girls, because it fits almost the entire figure, only slightly expanding downwards. Some girls prefer straight short dresses, this is only possible if the bride has perfectly straight and long legs, as well as a harmoniously harmonious figure, otherwise, it is better to still look at long models.

Lace and straight silhouette

Women who marry not for the first time or at a more mature age can turn their attention to wedding trouser suits that can emphasize your personality and good taste.

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