What to do if the cough does not pass

If a cough persists for a couple of weeks, it means that you need to see a doctor. However, it happens that the rhythm of life does not allow to visit the doctor, then it is worth treating a cough at home.

Treatment of cough until you see a doctor

In order to relieve cough, it is necessary to take drugs that contribute to the dilution of sputum, it will help to separate and remove it from the lungs. As the simplest option that will make sputum easier to get out, is a plentiful warm drink.
Gargling is also great for coughing, especially for saline solutions. In order to prepare the tool, you should dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. It is possible to supplement home treatment with bronchodilator drugs, which contribute to the expansion of the airways. Such drugs will clear the lungs, which will entail the termination of chronic cough.
A cough that persists for a long time is aggravated by dry air.In order to at least a little alleviate the symptom, you should install in the apartment appliances that increase humidity. Such an effect of increased humidity can be explained by the fact that dry air can irritate the lungs, which leads to increased cough.

Folk remedies

It should be remembered about the wisdom that has come to us since antiquity. Essential oils are available and used for a long time for the treatment of cough. They should be used as a steam inhalation. This approach will soften the mucous membrane and will resist infection. Among the oils that are recommended when coughing, you can mention benzoin and lavender oil. Perfectly cope with the task, having an antiseptic effect, eucalyptus and thyme oils. If you take along the expectorant means, then they can be supplemented with marjoram oil.
Honey will also ease the dry cough. Its effect can be enhanced by mixing with chopped raw onions, which can be replaced with garlic. Disable catarrhal phenomena can be an exception to the diet of dairy products. You should pay attention to the color of sputum, which may indicate the development of infection.Yellow or light green colors indicate the presence of an infectious development of the disease, and if there has been an admixture of blood in the sputum, this requires the need to immediately consult a doctor.

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