What can you wear with American puffy skirts?

Fluffy skirt - from teenage fashion to adult

Fluffy skirts came to teenage fashion from the nursery. The girls loved the princess dresses that they wore as a child. They did not want to part with frills and tulle and become older. Designers caught this desire and released a line of puffy skirts for teenagers. They were bright colors, had a lush tulle lining and beautiful ruffles. The girls combined them with slinky T-shirts and denim vest, and the most daring American girls wore luxurious mini skirts over stretch jeans.Do not buy white fluffy skirts, they resemble tutus. It is very difficult to find a decent couple for them, to create an outfit in which you will not look like a ballerina. Have to change the entire wardrobe.
Some combinations with fluffy skirts were enjoyed by adult women. They took ideas from fashionable catalogs for teenagers, and began to use them when creating their own style.Of course, puffy skirts for adult women are longer and not so voluminous, but still they have a lot of fairy-tale princess dresses left in them.

Full skirt in adult fashion. What to wear

Fluffy skirts are incredibly feminine and are suitable for many fashionable women. The main thing is to choose the right length. If the shape of the legs is perfect, you can purchase a model with a palm length above the knees. If you have something to hide, or at work a very strict dress code - buy a skirt below the knee. Color can be any. Monophonic models are most relevant now - black, red, green, etc.
Fluffy skirt can be worn with a tight blouse or shirt. With a rather voluminous bottom, you should avoid wide things on top. Otherwise, the figure will turn into an unprofitable square.Black puffy skirts are perfect for the evening. Combine them with a fitted top with sequins, and the outfit is ready.
A fitted blazer or a lightweight blazer can be added to the fitted blouse. Knitted shortened sweaters are also suitable.
If you want to be at the peak of fashion - combine short puffy skirts with leather jackets, leather jackets. Add bright tights, a high, steady heel, an elegant clutch - and the outfit is ready.
Do not wear fluffy skirts with boots. This sustainable combination leads men to certain thoughts about your profession. Ideal to wear voluminous skirts with classic shoes with a blunt toe on a high wide heel, as well as fashionable half boots on the platform.

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