What wax strips for the face can be safely chosen?

The hair on the girl's face is not very beautiful. But, fortunately, today there are many ways to solve this problem. Many choose wax strips. And which ones are the best? We learn!

Why exactly they?

Why choose wax strips for facial hair removal?

  • It's comfortable. You can use strips anywhere.
  • It is not expensive. You can buy them at an affordable price, and in almost any cosmetics store. In addition, one strip can be used several times.
  • It is safe. No damage and burns.
  • It is universal. You can remove any type of hairs in any places.
  • It is effective. The strips will remove absolutely all the hairs, and the effect will last up to three to four weeks.

How to make a choice?

How to choose wax strips? When choosing, you should pay attention to the following important points:

  • Skin type Many manufacturers produce wax strips for different types of skin: for dry, sensitive, oily, normal or prone to inflammation.And correctly selected means will allow not only not to spoil the skin, but also to improve its condition, as they contain caring components.
  • Composition. It is desirable that the composition consisted of only natural ingredients, such as natural beeswax, natural oils, as well as plant extracts. It will also be great if it contains substances that slow down hair growth.
  • The size. To remove hair on the chin, medium-sized strips fit. And for depilating the area above the lip and the area under the eyebrows, you should choose the narrowest strips, it will be simply inconvenient to use wide ones.
  • Purpose There are both universal strips and those designed for hair removal in certain areas, for example, on the face, in the armpits, on the legs and arms, in the bikini area.
  • Equipment. Some manufacturers in addition to the strips themselves are placed in the package also napkins, designed to remove residual wax after the procedure. And it is very convenient.

Browse popular brands

So what are the best wax wax strips? Compare!

  1. "Byly". This company produces strips with different components and very pleasant aromas.So, among the additives there are chocolate, vanilla, cherry, mint and green tea, gold, peach and papaya, as well as thermal water.
  2. "Shary". This Chinese company offers strips for the face with the addition of aloe.
  3. "Markell" - inexpensive strips, available in two series: "Lux-mini" and "Delicate." But napkins in the package you will not find.
  4. "Avon". If you believe the reviews, the wax strips perfectly cope with their function and moisturize the skin.
  5. Oriflame. These wax strips are made from natural ingredients, including almond and honey extracts, as well as natural beeswax.
  6. "Acorelle" - the first cold wipes that contain aloe vera and royal jelly extract and not only remove hairs, but also improve skin condition, and also eliminate pain during the procedure
  7. "Beauty image". These strips on a natural basis are used in the salons by experienced craftsmen.
  8. Deep Depil from Floresan. These strips contain natural ingredients and are made by a special technology that allows wax to repeat the skin's relief.
  9. "Cliven". This company produces strips designed specifically for sensitive areas. The composition includes almond and jojoba oil, as well as beeswax.
  10. Veet is perhaps the most popular brand.Available strips with natural ingredients in the composition for different skin types.

How to use?

How to use wax strips for the face? It's simple!

  1. First, it is recommended to cleanse the face. You can simply wash using a cleansing tonic. But the scrub is better not to use, it can lead to excessive skin damage and irritation.
  2. Then you need to disinfect the skin. If you have a special lotion, use it. But you can take any antiseptic, such as "Chlorhexidine."
  3. Experts advise before the procedure to steam the face. This will help, firstly, soften the hairs, and secondly, to expand the pores. And all this will make epilation more painless and effective, as the hair will be removed without difficulty, without injuring the follicles.
  4. Now take a strip, hold it between your palms and hold it for a few minutes so that the wax becomes soft. If this does not happen, you can rub a little strip.
  5. Remove the protective film and immediately attach a strip in the direction of hair growth. Well hold it down and leave for a few minutes to mass frozen.
  6. Now, with one hand, hold the skin, and the other sharply and quickly remove the strip against the growth of hair.
  7. Remove the wax residue.If the napkins are not included, you can use natural oil or fat cream.
  8. To avoid irritation, treat the surface with an antiseptic or wound-healing agent, for example, Boro Plus, baby cream or Bepanten.

It is advisable to study the instructions before use, it describes in detail all the stages of depilation.

We can only wish to get rid of unwanted hairs on the face.

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