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In early spring you should adjust your diet. The doctor-gastroenterologist of the Moscow Beauty Center "Dolores" Olga Evgenievna SLAVINSKAYA tells.
What you need to take vitamins
What you need to take vitamins
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The awakening of nature catches us in the period of acute vitamin deficiency. This affects the overall health, the condition of the skin, hair, nails. With a balanced diet, we are obliged to help ourselves - after all, health and beauty begin with the stomach. To do this, you must closely monitor the intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

Spring diet is quite flexible and fits well with any tastes. It does not contain products that should be automatically excluded from the diet. There is one basic rule -Products should be selected so that all groups of vitamins are ingested.

Vitamin A

Contained in the liver, butter, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, fish, pumpkin, carrots, sea buckthorn.

Required:for vision and bone regeneration.

On a note:alcohol in any quantity interferes with the absorption of vitamin A.

Vitamins of group B

Contained in cereals, chicken, beef, liver, kidney, ground nuts, cod, salmon, soy.

Required:for splitting fats, normalization of metabolism, enrichment of blood.

On a note:Vitamin B6 is not absorbed if a woman uses hormonal contraceptives. In this case, this vitamin should be taken extra.

Vitamin C

Contained in citrus, wild rose, kiwi, black currant, green vegetables, sauerkraut.

Required:to stimulate the body's resistance system, helps the absorption of iron, and therefore, supports hemoglobin levels.

On a note:overabundance is dangerous for women, in whose families hereditary diseases such as gout and salt deposition were traced.

Vitamin E

Contained in green vegetables, eggs, milk, vegetable oil, germinated grain.

Required:to maintain the health of the muscles, vascular and endocrine systems.

On a note:E and A vitamins are effectively used in combination, they mutually reinforce each other's effects.

Vitamin D

Contained in sea fish, sea kale, dairy products.

Required:to strengthen bones, retain moisture cells, improve the condition of the skin.

On a note:in vitamin D, a person needs only sunless weather, because this vitamin is synthesized by the body under the influence of sunlight.

Tip 1.

It is important to remember that in the spring the body is experiencing a serious avitaminosis stress, so you should not get carried away with diets - spring food should be varied.

Tip 2.

There is an opinion that there is no vitamin richness in spring fruits and vegetables. This is only partly true. In them, of course, vitamins are preserved, although in smaller quantities. In addition, all fruits and vegetables in the spring are still rich in fiber, which helps excrete toxins and toxins from the body. Fruits and vegetables should be included in the daily diet. It is advisable that they constitute a special meal. Fruits are better absorbed on an empty stomach, half an hour before a meal.

Tip 3.

It is necessary to consider the compatibility of products for the time of assimilation In this regard, vegetables, which are most useful in the form of a salad mixture, should be combined only with meat - these are products of "long processing".While bread and pasta are absorbed by the body much faster. They are best eaten with cheese or greens.

Tip 4.

In the spring, you should not adhere to vegetarian fashion. At least three or four times a week, the female body needs meat and animal products. Along with high-grade proteins, they contain fats and so-called extractive substances, which serve as strong pathogens of the separation of digestive juices. Thanks to them, food is better absorbed, and the metabolism becomes balanced. The meat should be of good quality and fresh.

Tip 5.

In the spring, drink as much fruit drinks from jam, stewed fruit, made from frozen fruit, and green tea. Limit coffee and alcohol intake.

Tip 6.

Vitamins can not stock up on store. They should be ingested daily. Ideally, a balanced diet should include an accurate analysis of vitamin intake throughout the day. Unfortunately, in practice, this principle is difficult to apply.

However, each woman in the evening, without going into the "mathematical calculations", you need to remember the menu for the day and understand what group of vitamins she "bypassed" in her diet.And if on some day you did not eat fish, liver or nuts, then take care of the diet with vitamins of group B. An indispensable and richest source of vitamins of group B isoats and rolled oats, drinks from which are especially necessary for women in early spring. It is known that many European women eat English for breakfastoatmeal. It helps the bowels work, controls the absorption of fat by the body. In addition to vitamins, the composition of oatmeal includes potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, chromium, iron, manganese, iodine. Such a rare component as silicon is present in oatmeal - it prevents hair loss and strengthens its roots, the fluoride compounds contained in oatmeal make teeth healthy.

Spring dizziness, weakness and depression are most often associated withlower hemoglobin levelsfor which is responsibleiron. The assimilation of iron helps nuts - do not forget about them in the spring. A special place is occupied by Antonov apples - the only fruit that guarantees excellent "absorbability" of iron. Calcium deficiency is the most common cause of spring problems associated with bone fragility and tooth decay.

Thus, the body needs not only vitamins, but alsotrace elements. Despite the varied diet, in the spring the body should be “fed” with multivitamins. There are many of them now, and, naturally, every company praises its preparations. They are different in composition. Choosing vitamins, you should focus on those that are right for you. For example, if you do not like milk or rarely eat seafood, then multivitamins will suit you with a predominance of vitamin A, E, calcium and iodine.

I would advise starting preparations for spring from the end of winter. Initially, it is advisable to "drink" courseAevita. It is usually applied for 10 days, twice a day, one capsule, 20 minutes before meals. Then two or three weeks should take fish oil. Fish oil is available in its natural form and with various mineral supplements. You can choose the one that includes elements that are less likely to fall into your diet. Over the next month - and it will be the end of March - April - it's time to switch to multivitamins.

Allergies are better to take vitamins and microelements separately. In a vitamin preparationDUOVITvitamins and trace elements are divided into red and blue pills, which are taken at different times of the day."OLIGOVIT"and"MAKROVIT"In my opinion, one of the most balanced "spring" vitamins of the last generation.

It is strictly not necessary to take vitamins in higher dosages than recommended in the abstract. Doses can be increased only according to the recommendation of the doctor in the postoperative period or after serious diseases. Hypervitaminosis is worse than vitamin deficiency, and leads to disruption of mineral metabolism. It starts with nausea, dizziness, vomiting and leads to serious consequences. I will give just a few examples. "Excess" vitamin C is deposited in the renal tubules in the form of salt, sand, stones.

An overdose of vitamin C can cause miscarriage in pregnant women, since ascorbic acid increases the contraction of the uterus. Therefore, rosehip, black currant, citrus, kiwi can regale not when you want, but once or twice a day in small portions. Known poisoning in overdose of vitamin A. Women should not take vitamin D alone - it is quite enough in the composition of multivitamins. In its pure form, vitamin D is needed only in early childhood. With the advent of the first fruits and vegetables, you can complete the feeding of the body with multivitamins.

Recipes healing decoctions, rich in vitamins of group B

Broth oats.A full tablespoon of unpeeled oats in a thermos zaparit one glass of boiling water. Leave overnight. Take a third of a glass 3 times a day 15 minutes before meals. For taste, you can add honey, jam or juice.

Hercules-oatmeal drink.In a liter of water, boil 3-4 tablespoons of rolled oats for 5-8 minutes. Rub through a sieve and add one and a half cups of water, bring to a boil. Keep refrigerated. Drink in the form of heat at least half a glass 2-3 times a day. Regardless of meals, at any time at will.

The most important trace elements

  • Calciumis present in dairy products, figs and other dried fruits.
  • Ironfound in meat, beans, buckwheat, liver, egg yolk, dried fruit and chocolate.
  • Iodinecomes from iodized salt and seafood.
  • Magnesiumbananas, wholemeal flour products, potatoes, cocoa and poultry are rich.
  • Zincfound in fish, persimmon, cheese, beef and pork.

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