When to castrate a cat?

September 12, 2012
When to castrate a cat?

Kittens in almost everyone can cause love and affection. But, despite all the love for little fluffy lumps, not everyone will decide to acquire such joy every year. And when the period of feline sexual activity comes, with all its consequences, such as the label of the territory, sharp smell, screams and aggression, I want to get rid of it in any way. And even more often the owners think about when you can castrate a cat and start living in peace.

Castration of cats: how

First do not worry, there will be anesthesia. The cat will be made two incisions in the scrotum Further ligatures are superimposed on the spermatic cords - these are silk clips. After the testes are removed.

When to castrate a cat: age

Usually castration operations (cats and cats) are carried out after reaching ten months. Although there are clinics where castration can be conducted on a cat that has reached only 8 months of age.

If you want to eliminate the signs of sexual desire (the desire of a cat kitty) it is better if castration is performed before the cat has been mated.The fact is that after mating, male sex hormones are secreted not only by the testes, but also by the pituitary gland, but it is not removed. So think about castration in advance, just taking the cat.

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