When to remove the bow?

Ivan Orlov
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When to remove the bow?

Onion is one of the most honored guests at our table. No other product can compare with onions for vitamin value and a set of minerals. In this article we will talk about when to remove the bow.

Terms of collecting onions

As a rule, in the middle zone of Russia, harvesting of onions falls at the very end of July, since by this time it reaches the peak of its growth, and its further stay in the garden is devoid of any meaning. In addition, overexposure of onions will adversely affect subsequent storage.

To understand that it is already time to harvest, you will be prompted by stalks that have fallen to the ground, which have already begun to dry. If the onion feather has not yet fallen to the ground, but, according to your calculations, it should have already done this, then it is necessary to perform this operation yourself. Putting the stems, you block the supply of nutrients in the bulbs and prepare them for subsequent digging.

Onions need to be harvested in the southern regions 2-3 weeks earlier than in Central Russia.For the northern Russian regions, these terms are respectively shifted in the other direction, that is, by mid-August.

When to harvest leeks?

This type of onion belongs to the most common vegetables, but in Russia it has not received such wide popularity. If you pre-grow leek seedlings, and then plant them in greenhouses and beds between March and May, then you can plan a year-round harvest for autumn, winter and spring.

Cleaning tiered onions

Tiered bow has the highest frost resistance, as it can tolerate cold up to -40 * C. Very suitable for areas of the Russian North, Siberia and the Far East.

Clean such a bow in several ways. May-June - leaves that have reached a length of 20-25 cm are cut off, or a bush of 3 years of age is divided. Part of the leaves goes to the implementation, and the remaining part is planted at a distance of 15 cm from one another for cultivation and sale for the next year. Air bulbs are planted for annual crops.

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