When to serve champagne

champagneHow and when is champagne served

Champagne is usually served on holidays before meals or with dessert, and in some cases with snacks and main dishes. The mere sound of the bottles being opened creates a festive mood.


Champagne wine is divided into four main types: dry, semi-dry, semisweet and sweet. Dry champagne and pink wines are served chilled.


Everyone likes loud cotton when opening bottles of champagne. However, you should do this very carefully, so that none of the guests are injured by a pop-up plug or was not poured with wine. Opening the bottle, it is held with a neck from itself, at an angle of 45 degrees and, certainly, away from those present.


These sweet wines go well with desserts such as cheese, nuts and fruit. When served, dessert wines should be at room temperature; the only exception is champagne, which is served chilled. Some common brands of dessert wines are: Marsala, Tokay, Malaga, Madera.


Wine is served in transparent glasses so that its color is visible.In many restaurants, two glasses for wine are included in the table setting: for white wine with a long stem and for a red tulip. The waiter pours the wine into the appropriate glass, so you will always know what kind of wine you are offered.


For the Rhine and white wine designed glass with a long leg. You can hold it by the foot of the wine the wine will not heat up from the heat of your hand. The glass itself is small. A red wine glass is more so you can enjoy the color and smell of the drink.


The leg of the red wine glass is small, and the glass itself is convex and large so that the wine can breathe. This glass should be kept for the glass itself.


Glasses for sherry and port wine are small and straight, as the aroma of these drinks is strong enough.


For champagne are long and narrow glasses. This is to emphasize the sparkling and aroma of the wine.

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