When can I pierce the ears of a child?

Earrings in the ears - it's beautiful and feminine. Is it worth piercing the ears of a girl? And if so, when is the best time to do this? Answers to these questions will be interesting to all moms.

Is it worth piercing ears in childhood: pro and contra

Is it worth deciding on such a move? First, let's weigh all the arguments against piercing the ears in childhood:

  • The probability of allergic reactions. As part of many medical earrings there is nickel, and for this metal the child's organism can react with an allergy, especially if the child has a tendency to it. The reaction can be serious and manifest as inflammation, redness and suppuration.
  • In the ear lobes, there are a lot of nerve endings and important points, the impact on which can provoke problems with hearing, vision or the work of important organs.
  • Risk of infection. The child's body is unable to timely and fully reflect the attacks of pathogenic microorganisms, and puncturing the ears is the entrance gate for bacteria that can penetrate into soft tissues and cause the development of inflammation.
  • The probability of injury to the ears when you accidentally grab a earring or when trying to pull a child out of her.
  • If the earplugs unfasten and fall out, the child may accidentally swallow it or place it in the nasal cavity, which is extremely dangerous.

Now the arguments for:

  • Earrings in the tiny ears of the baby - it's cute, funny and beautiful.
  • There is an opinion that in childhood the pain is perceived more easily and quickly forgotten, so the child will not be afraid of a puncture, he will easily survive and forget the discomfort.
  • In childhood, the tissues recover much faster, so the puncture sites will heal quickly. And the risks of the appearance of keloid scars and scars are minimal.

At what age?

When can you pierce the ears of a little girl? There are several opinions on this matter. So, some psychologists believe that it is better to conduct the procedure at the age of up to one year, namely in eight to ten months. At this stage, the baby keeps his head well and reacts to toys, so it can be distracted.

In addition, up to a year the pain threshold is higher, and all the emotions and sensations experienced are quickly forgotten. Also, the crumb will quickly forget about the presence of foreign objects in the lobes, will not pay attention to them, touch and touch, which will reduce the risk of developing an infection.

According to another point of view, piercing the ears is desirable for children over three years old: at this age, the girl already has some idea of ​​beauty, so she will be pleased with the decorations, and a pleasant expectation will be an incentive to endure the pain. In addition, a three-year-old child may well be explained that you do not need to touch the earrings so that the ears heal faster.

Some believe that at an early age, in general, this question should not be raised. It is better to wait until 11-12 years, so that the grown up girl herself expressed the desire to wear jewelry and showed interest in them. At this age, the child will be able to independently care for the ears after a puncture and will adequately respond to the pain, although, probably, she will be frightened.

It is important to know: the procedure of ear piercing at any age has certain contraindications, which include acute infections, ear diseases, serious neurological problems, reduced blood clotting, diabetes, low pain threshold (high sensitivity to pain), a tendency to allergic reactions, recently the transferred diseases (the minimal period after convalescence - two weeks) and the lowered immunity.You should not go to the procedure during teething, as well as if the child is sluggish, on the contrary, overly excited or naughty.

Suitable time of year

Another interesting question for many is what time of year it is best for a child to pierce their ears. Winter is sometimes considered to be an epidemic of influenza and ARVI, and even in the cold period, a permanently worn cap will touch the lobes and slow down the healing process.

Summer is also not the best option, because at this time it is hot and dusty, and such conditions will increase the risks of infection and suppuration, slowing down the healing process. The best time of year to pierce the ears is the beginning of autumn or the last month of spring. Hats are not worn, so the earrings will not touch. The weather conditions are optimal and mild, which is also a favorable factor.

How to protect a child?

To pierce your ears safely and without negative consequences, you need to follow a few important rules:

  1. Take it responsibly to the choice of the place in which you will pierce the ears of the child. It is better to contact a well-known and proven cosmetology clinic, and not to the “underground” beauty salon.It is also important to choose a highly qualified and experienced master: he must have a medical education and certificates confirming the completion of training or advanced training.
  2. Method of piercing. In most modern clinics punctures are carried out with special pistols. The procedure is quick and practically painless, so the child will not experience unpleasant emotions and sensations. The task of the parents is to ensure that the master uses sterile tools that are opened immediately prior to piercing.
  3. Properly care for the baby's ears after they are punctured. Detailed recommendations will be given by the specialist who performed the procedure, but usually it is necessary to avoid getting wet for three to five days, twice a day with antiseptic treatments (for example, hydrogen peroxide), and also exclude mechanical effects. After four or five days after the procedure, processing the lobes, carefully scroll the earrings so that the product falls on the soft tissues and the adornment rod does not stick to the damaged area. It is better to collect hair in a ponytail or a braid, as they can touch the earrings and cause discomfort or pain.In case of strong suppuration, be sure to show the crumbs to your doctor.
  4. Find the right earrings. When piercing with a pistol, medical stud earrings made of surgical steel are used. And they should remain in the ears for at least one and a half or two months, that is, until complete healing. Then you can put on jewelry made of precious metals, and the best option would be gold, since silver can darken and often causes allergies. In any case, for a girl, it is worthwhile to pick up small and extremely simple ear rings with a reliable clasp, without unnecessary details and not strongly distinguished on the lobes: this way they will not touch or interfere.

If you decide to pierce the ears of your baby, then first weigh the pros and cons, select the appropriate period and take this procedure responsibly.

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