Where to buy fur coats in Dubai

Dubai is a popular place and center for the fur trade. There you can buy a fur coat of modern design and excellent quality at lower prices. A very large number of fur coats are of Italian or Greek origin. Also a large selection of Chinese-made fur coats. But these coats, as a rule, are of poor quality, which even a non-professional can determine.
There are several popular places where you can buy a fur coat.

Abraj center

This mall has more than 20 stores selling fur products, which occupy eight floors. The range consists of fur products of different types, styles and sizes. Here you can buy an inexpensive fur coat and an elite one. It is very attractive tourists, and they visit the Abraj Center one of the first.

"Planet Furs"

The shopping center with a Russian-language signboard presents a huge selection of products from fur. Here, in addition to long and short fur coats, you can purchase other products, such as coats or vests. This center is popular among Russian tourists, as there is no language barrier in it. The peculiarity of "Planet Furs" is that you can bargain safely.As a result, after a certain persistent bargaining, you can reduce the cost of goods to 50%. In this mall, everyone will find something to their liking.

Al Owais The Business Tower

There are eight fur shops in this center. All of them are compactly located on the second floor. This allows you to efficiently use time. In addition, the cost of fur coats here is not too high. Most of the range ─ fur Greek production of excellent quality. The shops created a quiet and cozy atmosphere for buyers.

Deira tower

In this building, fur shops are located on five floors. Here are the products of chinchilla, sable, mink, broadtail, silver fox and arctic fox.
The conspicuous Deira Tower building is located in the southern part of Baniyaz Square. In the vicinity of this center there are about 350 different outlets. If you plan to not limit yourself to buying a fur coat, you can safely go here.
List all the shops selling furs, which are located in Dubai, it is impossible. Throughout the city there are boutiques, shops, shopping centers and small shops selling fur coats. Before you buy a fur coat, you must first look at and get around several outlets.
Visiting the Middle East, you can simultaneously spend a vacation and buy a luxurious high-quality fur coat.

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