Where to complain on redevelopment

Redevelopment of any apartment is a complex and responsible event that requires serious preliminary work on the calculation of the maximum load on the structure and coordination of changes in government. If your neighbor removes or moves the walls at your own risk, remember that he risks not only his own apartment, but also your lives, because weakened floors and overloaded supporting walls can bring down the entire building. Do not expect trouble - inform the supervisory authorities.
First of all, call the management company. They are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the house as a whole, and therefore it is in their interests that all walls remain in place.
To the help of managers should come the Housing Inspectorate. Contact yourself or with the head of the management company to inspect your area. This should be done in writing. In the application, enter your data: name and surname, address and telephone number, as well as state the complaint.It is necessary to write who does where or did illegal redevelopment, when. If you assume that because of the actions of your neighbor, you have deteriorated the technical characteristics of the building or it was your apartment that suffered, indicate in what exactly it was expressed. If there are photos, attach them. It is good if other neighbors sign the complaint: they respond to collective appeal faster.
If Zhilinspektsiya did not help, contact the prosecutor's office at the place of residence (in the district). The essence and type of application will be similar to what you submitted to the inspection, but it is advisable to attach a response from the inspection to the application for the prosecutor’s office and, if made, an inspection certificate.
The final authority in the dispute of neighbors will be the court. You can go to court yourself or the prosecutor will do it. When drawing up a claim, list all instances to which you applied before the trial, be sure to attach proof of redevelopment, this may be photographic material or statements of other owners.

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