Where to go on vacation in winter

You will need
  • - tourist agency;
  • - tour to hot countries;
  • - tour to Europe.
A rather exotic way of meeting the new year is to rest in warm places. The most popular hot spot was the island of Bali. Traveling to this island is like a fairy tale. There you will see long and very wide beaches, friendly people and comfortable hotels. In Bali, you can not only lie down and soak up the sun on the beach, but also enjoy active and extreme rest. New Year's holidays on this island will cost you at least $ 1,000.
In second place in the popularity rating among exotic types of recreation is Thailand. In the winter season there is just ending the season of torrential rains. The air temperature is not too hot, but warm enough to rest comfortably and cheerfully. In Thailand, you will find a sea of ​​exotics, smiles and impressions, and spend about $ 500 on your vacation.
Also in the top three are the United Arab Emirates. New year in this country will be the most luxurious in your life. There you can visit fashionable shops and hotels, try various rare and exotic dishes and spend your holidays in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. However, the cost of rest in the UAE is higher than the rest in Thailand. Its cost is more than 700 dollars.
In addition to traveling to Bali, to Thailand and the UAE, you can give preference to and rest in European countries. Similar tours are sold in almost any travel agency. According to your preferences, you can choose a vacation in one country or order a tour of several European countries for yourself and your loved ones. The cost of travel will be about 200 dollars.

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