Which jacket to choose in 2015?

A jacket is a thing that should be present in the wardrobe of any girl or woman who knows a lot about fashion. But that such a piece of clothing was really stylish, you need to know some features of the choice. And what models will be relevant in 2015?

Jacket: do you need it?

Jacket can be called almost universal thing. First, it can be combined with blouses, classic trousers and skirts, creating discreet office suites. Secondly, the jacket can be safely put on with jeans or even shorts.

Such a casual look will suit stylish and active women. Thirdly, a bright jacket can be worn over a cocktail dress to go to a party. And elegant and feminine jackets may well be combined with evening dresses. In general, by all means get such a thing!

Fashion trends

So what can be women's jackets? What is in fashion in 2015? This year will be bright, unforgettable, diverse and original! We list the main fashion trends.


The most relevant materials:

  • Knitwear This is a very convenient option for everyday wear.
  • Tweed is suitable for office and important events.
  • Silk is an option for special occasions such as a party or a date.
  • Leather. It looks stylish and bright and at the same time protects from wind and rain in bad weather. Ideal for a walk in the cool evening.
  • Quilted fabrics are very popular. Usually quilted jackets have a lining, so that they are not only stylish and bright, but also practical and quite warm.
  • Velvet is a festive option. Velvet jacket can be thrown over a cocktail or even an evening dress.
  • More and more popular are warm, soft and cozy knitted jackets. And welcome a large and rough mating, for example, boucle.
  • Many designers combine several materials at once, and sometimes, it would seem, are not compatible (for example, knitting and silk, leather and chiffon and so on). And it looks original and bright.

Colors and prints

The most relevant are the classic colors: black, milky, gray, beige, cream, white. In the trend and soft pastel colors, for example, sand, peach, lilac, pale pink, light blue. They will make the image tender and romantic.

Noble deep colors look stylish: all shades of blue, chocolate, burgundy, purple, emerald. And if you want something bright (this is true both in spring and autumn), then pay attention to the trendy mint, sunny orange and yellow, romantic pink, fresh green, purple and others.

If you study photos from fashion shows, you might think that couturiers and designers seemed to be stingy with pictures or cut off imagination. Indeed, in the trend of plain jackets. But if this option seems boring to you, pay attention to floral, ethnic, oriental, geometric, abstract, predatory animalistic prints, as well as a more restrained cage or funny peas.

Styles and styles

In 2015, the most diverse models are relevant:

  • Perhaps, never will be out of fashion feminine, elegant and simultaneously sexy classic cut. This model will favorably emphasize the waist and will be appropriate both in the office and in everyday life. In shops and on podiums are presented both single-breasted and double-breasted jackets
  • Topical shortened models and bolero jackets, which are suitable for the beginning of autumn or late spring.They are ideally combined with dresses, jeans and romantic skirts in the style of new look.
  • In the trend, the oversights are styles, that is, they are voluminous and practically dimensionless. Surprisingly, this jacket will emphasize femininity, making the girl fragile and defenseless. And still this model will help to hide any defects of a figure. Such jackets, by the way, can be combined with both jeans-boyfriends, and with trousers-pipes and even skirts. Do not be afraid to experiment!
  • No less relevant are the so-called male models, which are distinguished by the absence of even a hint of a waist, clear lines and rough shapes.
  • In the trend, elongated fitted silhouettes that will allow you to visually stretch and make a more slender figure. It is best to wear such jackets with shoes with heels.
  • In the trend, military style jackets. They look a little stern and maybe rough, but elegant and unusual. The distinctive features of such models are cuts at the back, clearly marked cuffs, turn-down collars or stand collars, shoulder straps in the form of shoulder straps, as well as characteristic decor elements: orders, metal buttons and metal buckles.
  • Another trend of the season is asymmetry.It can be traced in everything. Thus, models with different lengths of sides, with asymmetrical hem (elongated at the back or side), with different in length and cut sleeves, with unusual collars and other uneven parts were presented at fashion shows. Such a jacket will make any image bright and bold.
  • Some designers have proposed multi-layer models. This may be a jacket and blouse, vest and jacket, and so on. And such a model will be not only original, but also practical, especially in cold weather.
  • Feminine jackets with basque look feminine. This detail will allow you to kill several birds with one stone: hide voluminous hips or, on the contrary, make them more feminine, emphasize the waist.
  • The trend jackets hussar style, which resemble hussar uniforms.
  • Topical models without a collar, which look stylish and perfectly combined with pullovers and turtlenecks with voluminous necklines.

Attention to detail

Sometimes it is the little things that make the thing original and unique. Here are the details that will be the most fashionable in 2015:

  • Sleeves can be a bright accent of a jacket. Firstly, their length can be completely different. Sleeves от with cuffs are still relevant.Short sleeves look feminine. Secondly, the sleeves can be labeled with a fabric that will be different from the base material. Especially relevant are light, sexy, flying and translucent fabrics: chiffon, silk, guipure, mesh.
  • A bright detail can be a thin strap, put over the jacket. Moreover, these straps can be worn with both fitted jackets and oversized models.
  • Particular attention is paid to buttons. And they can be as large, bright and numerous, and be absent altogether. Stylishly look like a jacket with a single button.

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