Which national cuisines are the healthiest?

Each country has its own culinary traditions. And what national cuisine can be called the most useful?

So, the healthiest national cuisine in the world:

  1. In the first place you can deservedly put the Japanese cuisine. Among the Japanese, there are practically no fat people, the level of obesity in this country does not exceed 1.5%. And all because the diet includes useful products, and the menu is more than balanced. A special role in the culinary traditions is given to fish and seafood, and they are simply necessary to maintain health and to obtain essential fatty acids. Also, the people of Japan eat a lot of vegetables, which are known to normalize digestion. The Japanese often use soy, which contains vegetable protein and is able to replace milk and meat. In addition, in this country are very fond of seaweed, which contain a large amount of iodine. And all the dishes are flavored with sauces and spices, and they speed up the metabolism and have anti-inflammatory properties.In addition, the products in the cooking process are subjected to minimal heat treatment. Such food allows the Japanese to practically not get sick and live on average up to 82 years.
  2. Deserves attention and Singapore cuisine. The average life expectancy in this country is about 82 years, and the level of obesity is about 1.8%. The king of the table is rice, which is consumed here daily, and sometimes several times a day. But it is richly flavored with all sorts of vegetables, seafood and fish. And that is why Singaporeans rarely have problems with the heart and blood vessels associated with high cholesterol. They get useful polyunsaturated fats from fish, rice is rich in carbohydrates, and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins. Also included in the diet and protein-rich meat. In addition, in this country a lot of fruit, which all willingly eat both fresh and in all sorts of desserts.
  3. Chinese cuisine is also quite useful. The Chinese diet includes foods such as vegetables, cereals, legumes, and fruits. In principle, this kitchen is similar to other oriental, but there are some differences.Firstly, such a method of heat treatment as roasting is actively used. This, of course, is not very useful, but the so-called fast frying is used, in which the components are strongly ground and constantly mixed, so that they are not in the oil for a long time. Secondly, the Chinese love spicy sauces. But their basis is often spiced ginger root, and it is known to be very, very useful. And in many respects precisely because of this, the inhabitants of China live for about 73 years, and their level of obesity is less than 2%.
  4. The top included and Swedish cuisine. But do not compare it with an abundant appetizing and not always useful dishes buffet. Culinary traditions of this country are based on the use of all kinds of seafood. And although there are not so many vegetables and fruits here, Swedes produce vitamins from at least useful berries (including the northern ones), as well as whole-grain products. In addition, there are very fond of natural milk products, which regularly not only normalize the digestive processes, but also ensure the proper functioning of the immune system. As a result, Swedes live on average to 81 years, and weight problems are found only in 10-11% of the population.
  5. The list also includes French cuisine known all over the world.Of course, some of her dishes are not exactly useful (which is worth the fat goose liver of foie gras and sweet and sweet croissants), but, in general, everything is very good. The French often eat meat (and often not fat, but tender and almost dietary), vegetables and fruits. The dishes are often added a variety of herbs, and they are also very good for health. Special attention and French cheeses deserve. And all this residents of romantic France washed down with quality red wine, which improves blood circulation. The portions are small, and the products are often baked, not roasted. As a result, the French live to age 81, and obesity is extremely rare (about 5-6%).
  6. Italian cuisine, which is so popular with many, can also be called very useful and balanced. Although 13% of the population have weight problems, the average life expectancy is more than 80 years. The most useful product on the table is, of course, olive oil, in which there is so much vitamin E and other useful substances. Traditional pasta is prepared from solid varieties of wheat and flavored with vegetables or seafood.Pizza is also quite useful if you use it in moderation. In general, floury Italians eat a little. But in the daily diet includes beans, nuts and syrts of different varieties.
  7. Spanish cuisine can not be called perfect, but still it is very useful, which allows residents of this country to live to 80 years. The level of obesity is 16%. Almost the only negative - is the abundance of meat, and often quite fat. But this defect is compensated by numerous and various vegetables, as well as beans. In addition, seafood and nuts are respected here. The diet also includes healthy olive oil. It is worth noting that the Spaniards love spices, and most of them contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. Among other things, in this country wine and cheeses are in high esteem.
  8. Korean cuisine is known to many thanks to the traditional snacks that have spread almost all over the world. The menu can be safely called diet, because it is dominated by a variety of vegetables, soybeans in all forms, algae, rice, fish and seafood. But all dishes are seasoned with spicy sauces and seasonings, and they are not allowed to everyone. Although, for example, ginger, garlic and pepper are quite useful, but if you use them in moderation. By the way, the average life expectancy is about 79 years, and the level of obesity is 10%.
  9. Israeli cuisine appeared not so long ago and gathered in itself a lot of different world culinary traditions. But the benefits are largely due to the geographical location of the country, which allows year-round enjoy fruits and vegetables, as well as receive seafood. Almost all Israelis eat fish, lamb, chicken, vegetables. The most useful ingredients can be called legumes, eggplants and olive oil, which is an integral part of many other cuisines. In addition, spices and seasonings are added to the dishes. As a result, the level of obesity is about 20-25%, but the average age reaches 81 years.
  10. Everyone is famous for the legendary Greek salad, but the entire national cuisine of Greece deserves attention. The menu is dominated by olive oil, vegetables, legumes, fish, whole grains, and pickled cheeses (for example, feta). But, unfortunately, the Greeks love fast food, so the obesity rate is about 25%. But they live in Greece up to 80 years. Although if you include only walnut dishes in the diet, the situation will definitely improve.

Choose healthy dishes, borrow them from different national cuisines!

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