Whom do cats like?

Many believe that cats are not able to experience such a tender and reverent attachment to their owner, like dogs. Of course, cats have a very capricious character, they live as they please, and will never sit on their hands if they don’t want to do it themselves. However, cats can love. As a rule, in a family, a cat chooses one person as its pet. Her attachment to such a person can be very strong and strong.

How to win over a cat

Getting the location of a cat is not easy at all, since cats are considered very restrained animals in manifestation of feelings towards someone. A cat does not eat well enough and live in heat, it needs to receive attention from its owner. The best way to win the love of a cat is to grow it yourself by taking a small 5-7 week old kitten into the house. If you bring an adult cat home, it will take a lot of time and effort to achieve the desired result. However, it is necessary to take into account one important point in the relationship between the cat and its owner. The fact is that a fluffy pet behaves in absolutely different ways, depending on whether it is in familiar or unfamiliar territory. Despite the fact that cats love their owners, they lose contact with their owner in a new unaccustomed environment, moving a distance of even 2-5 meters. At this moment, a sense of fear and danger in the face of uncertainty seize the cat completely and crowd out her affection and trust in a person. Therefore, after moving the cat to a new place, it is necessary to keep it on a long leash so that the cat can become familiar with the surroundings and not lose contact with its owner. After some time, when the animal has mastered the new conditions, you can give it complete freedom. It is also worth noting that the loss of contact can occur in any stressful situation, for example, when visiting a veterinarian. The animal can become completely uncontrollable, even in the hands of the owner, because at this time the fear suppresses all other emotions.

And who else do cats love? Of course children. Very often cats watch over small children. However, in rare cases, pets can be jealous of babies.

What kind of people love cats

How a cat chooses someone from its family as pets is understandable. But it is interesting to know which of the strangers a cat can show its sympathy for.Very often, a cat, entering the room and seeing many strangers, can jump on its knees to someone who does not have a special love for cats, or start rubbing his head against his legs. But why to this person, and not to someone else? And all because such a "cat lover" will not initially show any attention to the animal. He will not call her or wave her arms to attract attention. But this behavior has the opposite effect.

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