Why are cats crazy about valerian?

Many veterinarians more than once had to observe the extremely strange reaction of cats to, like, the most ordinary and harmless drugs. For example, valerian in pills, and even better, tincture, from her four-legged fluffies start to literally go crazy: the behavior at this moment can be the most unpredictable, the animal falls into a state of complete oblivion and inexplicable euphoria.

This fact has long been well known to many people, whence, probably, questions begin to arise, "and what will happen if a cat is given a drink of valerian?", "Is valerian useful for a cat?" And so on, the like.

The animal loses control

Naturally, a good host will not conduct experiments on his own favorite, but, unfortunately, the cases are different, and therefore let us dispel all the myths regarding this issue.

So what is the whole truth of such an amazing phenomenon? Let's start first, what is valerian? On humans, it has a slight sedative effect, without all addictions and side effects, but what does it mean for our tailed friends?

Valerian is a herbaceous plant, which mainly grows in marshy soil, in pharmacology, mainly use its root.

It contains many active substances, among which is isovaleric acid, which, by the way, can cause burns of the mucous and intestines. Perhaps this fact will make those owners who are so interested in feeding a couple of yellow tablets feed their pets.

Turn to the experts

And yet, why cats love valerian so much? After all, this indisputable fact must exist some scientific justification. Specialists, of course, also became interested in this question, and came to two possible answers: the first is based precisely on their bright sense of smell.

Valerian roots contain a large number of various essential oils, the combinations of which resemble the smell of cats of the opposite sex when they are looking for a partner to continue the race. It is absolutely clear that valerian, in this case, will act on them, at least, excitingly, while changes are possible, both in the hormonal and emotional background of the animal.

By the way, this, in a sense, explains why cats tolerate the smell of tinctures much more sharply than cats. All these hormonal explosions and the presence of feline pheromones in the air, makes your pet run around the apartment with a uterine growl, tumble on the floor and shudder from every rustle, although in each individual animal this process takes place individually.

Someone brighter, someone less noticeable, and some owners even say that their pets do not react to this tool. And this is true, about a third of the cats are completely indifferent to this smell, and, probably, this is only for the better.


According to the second version, it is believed that the infusion of valerian root is a kind of drug for four-legged Fuzzies, which, getting into the body of a pet, causes it almost instantly addictive.

After contact with the plant, or its derivatives, the cats begin to behave in extremely strange ways, some even move, swaying like an alcoholic. The effect of the smell of the plant, in each case, is individual, but, in any case, it will be dangerous for your cat, just as drugs are dangerous for humans.

A special danger is provided by tinctures on alcohol, as animals do not have any immunity against him, and, therefore, they get used almost instantly.

It is difficult to say what motivates such owners, who give their pet a try of valerian, but be sure, then it will just go crazy at the sight of the cherished bubbles with liquid.

What effect does a valerian have on cats?

Despite the fact that for a person such a drug is completely harmless, it affects the cats extremely amusingly. If, for example, to spill some liquid from the bottle on the floor, then the cat will surely begin to sniff, roll near it and, possibly, even rumble from pleasure.

Driving cats crazy

Some may face the muzzle directly into the carpet and lie in that position for a long time, after which they may have a long sleep. In fact, valerian has a serious impact on the central nervous system, akin to narcotic oblivion, it can drastically change the behavior of a pet, and also cause serious damage to his health.

In cases of overdose, and such, too, there have been, the animal can go foam from the mouth, it falls on its side, eyes close, and the body shudders with convulsions.

Despite the fact that some veterinarians claim that with the help of such medications, naturally with strict observance of the norm, it is possible to treat some feline diseases, yet it is not worthwhile to be zealous, and even more so, without the supervision of a specialist.

In any case, if the health of your pet is dear to you, then keep it away from valerian, such experiments rarely lead to something good.

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