Why do men love oral sex?

Why do men love oral sex?

Why do men love oral sex?



Every woman knows how much men like oral sex. No man can resist the proposal to make him a blowjob - it is very pleasant for every man. But what is the reason? Is a woman's mouth so good that it seems to men better than a much more physiological vagina? Not really. Why do men love oral sex?

The fact is that to achieve unrestrained physical pleasure for a man, a woman should have considerable experience and excellent training - only then will her blowjob drive her every sexual partner crazy. If this were the only case, the guys would not offer oral sex to inexperienced girls. So it is something else.

It turns out that the blowjob performed by a woman is the same as a declaration of love in the language of sex. A man experiences pleasure not only and not so much physically as morally, that his sexual organ is subjected to such care and affection, serves as a center of attention for the partner.Men love him primarily for this reason.


Wisdom Blowjob.



However, in oral sex there is a mass of intricacies, obvious or veiled. It is worth telling about them in more detail - so that inexperienced and sexually unsophisticated girls could please their guys without making gross and unforgivable mistakes. Consider the wisdom of a blowjob.


  1. The first of all encountered errors comes, of course, from the well-established meaning of the word “suck” used in this context. Of course, the lungs suck from time to time start a man beyond measure, but the methodical and monotonous stretching of this process for the entire duration of oral sex looks like you decided to milk the cow. There are special techniques of blowjob, in which a member needs to suck, but without proper training, experience and knowledge, you only make fun of your partner. Sucking the male member is mainly figuratively - stroking and gentle movements of the tongue and lips are much more pleasant than a permanent vacuum clamp.
  2. The next mistake is not less common and comes more from inexperience and insufficient coordination of movements during oral sex.As they say in the famous anecdotal phrase, "there is no sadder story in the world than a story about a bite on a blowjob." In fact, there is not much fun in this. If you touch or bite a member with your teeth with intense head movements, you can inflict a serious injury on your partner, sometimes dangerous not only for his sexual representativeness, but also for life! Although it is rare, it happens. More often, inexperienced girls simply forget that the head is somewhat wider than the trunk of the penis, and involuntarily cling it with the edging to their teeth. Lovely girls, believe me: this is quite unpleasant. If you hook your teeth behind the bridle of the penis, it will simply be unbearably painful. Be careful when making your lover a blowjob: after all, it is intended to make him happy, and not to inflict hellish pains. Watch your teeth and be careful. If necessary, you can practice on a boiled carrot: it is soft enough so that if you touch it with your teeth, it will leave marks and grooves on it. Learn and draw conclusions!
  3. And this slip is sometimes admitted by experienced mistresses. In a fit of passion or in a simple stupor - it does not matter.The main thing - they forget that in addition to the gentle mouth, they also have warm hands, which by their touch can work wonders with the male body. Believe me, dear girls: no matter how hard you work with your mouth, you will not be able to achieve the desired effect if your hands lie humbly on your lap. Stroke, feel, caress, gently fidget - everything is in your hands! Female hands during oral sex will be pleasant absolutely everywhere - experiment and find what your partner likes most.
  4. And, finally, the worst mistake of a woman after a blow job is to go to spit out the semen. A man is very unpleasant - all that you achieve, making him a blowjob, will be destroyed in one second. Sperm is harmless to your health, but venereal diseases are not orally transmitted (unless, of course, there are no open bleeding wounds in your mouth and esophagus). The fact that the taste of semen is sometimes unpleasant can be easily tolerated. Imagine what it would be like if a man after cunnilingus left to rinse his mouth, brush his teeth and chew gum? You would be as upset as a man, whose semen is poured into the toilet.If you are not able to swallow the seed of your partner, then at least spit it out competently, showing him all your love and desire to continue to have sexual relations with him. Release the sperm from the corner of the mouth, so that it from the chin of the glass to your chest - and at this time massage and wrinkle your mammary glands, rubbing on them the seed of your chevalier. Believe me, this sight will produce a stunning effect on him.


If you do not make these mistakes - you, at least, will not make your partner hurt or unpleasant. And learn the technique of blowjob, you can quite simply - various interesting techniques can be easily found in all corners of the Internet!

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