Why do they write: Sberbank credit card debit is prohibited

Credit card issues

The most common reason for blocking a credit card is its expiration, which is indicated on the front of the credit card. You must visit the bank and request the release of a new card. Be prepared for the need to re-confirm your personal data and, possibly, solvency.

Make sure the card was not lost and did not fall into the wrong hands. Blocking in case of loss is made at the request of the client. Remember that even when you find a lost card, it can no longer be used. If the credit card fell into the hands of intruders, and they attempted to break the PIN code, or suspicious amounts were deducted from the card, the bank takes the lock on its own. Contact the nearest branch to clarify all the circumstances.

Breach of points of the loan agreement

Be sure to re-read your loan agreement. It should be clearly stated the amount of the loan and the rules for using it. For example, there are loans with and without overdraft. In the first case, even with a zero and negative balance on the card, the client can continue to withdraw cash and pay for purchases. Subsequently, it will only be necessary to make monthly payments on time to pay off the debt. In the second case, the client is available only a certain amount, which can be used. As soon as all funds will be spent, the bank will suspend payments on the card until a certain amount is deposited on it.

The number and size of payments to repay a loan is the second most important clause in the contract that you need to know in detail. The bank always monitors how well the client repays the arising debt, and if insufficient funds are paid monthly, the card can be blocked even if there is a certain amount on it. It is important not to forget about the interest accrued monthly under the contract. Repayment must necessarily be carried out in the light of these charges.

Each client is given the opportunity to monthly withdraw cash from a credit card on an individual basis.For example, a restriction on the withdrawal of 50,000 rubles, 100,000 rubles, or some other amount in accordance with the contract may apply. If you do not follow the amount of credit amounts used, you may end up with a blocking card for a month or more.

Financial and other problems

You should not expect that the issued credit card will be permanently available for use, regardless of your current financial position. First of all, the bank closely monitors the professional activities of customers. Its employees periodically make calls to organizations where borrowers are employed (this information is always requested before issuing a loan). If the bank finds that you have been fired or even demoted, he may impose special restrictions on the loan, up to and including the complete blocking of a credit card.

So, if you were fired from your job, try to get a new job as soon as possible. Be sure to notify the bank about the situation: honest and responsible customers often meet, providing an opportunity to solve problems within a certain period.The same applies to changing your personal data: if lately you have changed your place of residence, home or work phone number, or even your last name, inform the bank as soon as possible. “Losing” the client out of sight, the organization immediately blocks credit accounts and sends a request to law enforcement agencies to search for a person suspected of evading debt repayment.

Make sure you do not have debts to pay utility bills, road and administrative fines. The same applies to your next of kin. In such situations, bailiffs can lock in credit and even ordinary settlement accounts by sending an appropriate request to the bank. The debtor (or his immediate family, in such a position) will have to pay off the debt in part or in full in order to get access to his finances again.

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