Why dream in a dream hand?

There are many interpretations of what a person’s dream is about. If you dream of someone else's hand, then you see an extraneous fate, if your own, then your own. Child's hand in a dream means that your loved ones need help. In addition, if the dream is a small hand, it means that you are experiencing limitations. But a big hand in a dream indicates that you may have unlimited opportunities to implement their goals and objectives.

Blood on the hands of others in a dream may indicate that someone wants to damage your reputation in society. If the dream is someone else's blood on your hands, then it can be a harbinger of a future victory over the worst enemy, and possible problems and quarrels with relatives and friends.

What is the dream about the left hand?

Dream Dream Haase says that in a dream, his left hands dream of treason. Confirms this interpretation of dreams and the dream book of Simon the Canaanite. According to the dream book of the Sorceress Medea, a healthy, clean left hand in a dream indicates the help of the weaker sex.Also in the dream, the left hand usually expresses the subjective, receptive and intuitive side of your nature.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, his left hands in a dream promise many worries in the near future. But the fracture on the left hand symbolizes the imminent death of one of the female relatives.

What is the dream about the right hand?

The right hand in a dream usually symbolizes the projection, rational and logical side of nature. Also, the right hand in a dream can mean freedom from anything, future love joys and loyalty of friends. The fracture on the right hand seen in a dream foreshadows the death of a close male person.

Why dream of women's hands?

A Muslim dream-book, answering the question why a woman’s hand is dreaming, says that such a dream foreshadows future wealth and many worldly goods. Feminine admiring with your own hands in a dream means that in the future a woman will conquer many male hearts. In addition, the XXI century dream book interprets admiration with her own hands, as a symbol of the fact that a woman will soon achieve love and respect for the most valuable person in her life.

What dreams of the hands of a woman doing a manicure? Many dream books interpret such a dream as a sign of the woman’s future success.Such a dream can be a harbinger of positive news or the achievement of their goals and objectives. Such a dream is extremely favorable for women.

What does it mean if a severed hand dreams?

A gypsy dream book treats a severed or withered hand, seen in a dream, as a symbol of the imminent death of a faithful and best servant. People who have no servants may consider such a dream a forerunner of inevitable great unhappiness. Moreover, this misfortune can be not only death, but also poverty. A married woman who saw such a dream may soon lose her husband or older child.

Waving your arms in your sleep

If you wave your hands in a dream, then this indicates that you are standing on the threshold of an intractable task. In addition, the Small Velis Dream Book interprets such a dream as a harbinger of a future quarrel.

Many people also say - I wave my arms in my sleep, like a bird's wings during flight. Modern dream books interpret this dream as a sign of spiritual growth. Wings are also a symbol of creativity and inspiration.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A modern dream book has many interpretations of what a person’s hand dreams of.For example, clean hands are a symbol of a long and good life. Hands in the dirt are a sign of treason and other troubles. Also, harbingers of trouble are dreams in which hairy arms are dreamed. Such dreams also foreshadow mental degradation.

If in a dream the hand is sick or wounded, then in this case the dream tries to warn you against an accident. Lack of hands indicates the ambiguous position in which you fell. This can be interpreted as a search for solutions to overcome this situation. In the dream books, hands that cannot be moved are interpreted as a conflict of reason and will. If in a dream you have many hands, it means that in the future you will be rewarded for your labors.

If a woman greets a hand in a dream with some celebrity, in the future she can expect a special status in society. If in a dream you need to put your hand up to say hello, then this indicates the appearance of an opponent. The modern dream book of a limb in a glove treats as an opportunity to overcome the problems that have formed. When a hand greets a man of low stature in a dream, in the future you will be appreciated for your benevolence and cordiality. Also a handshake during sleep indicates friendship.

Family Dream

A family dream book treats a hand in blood as a temporary dislike from relatives. Beautiful hands dream of getting special status. Ugly and ugly limbs in a dream promise huge problems. A damaged hand promises you the loss of the most precious thing in life. Too big hands mean the speedy achievement of goals and the realization of the most cherished dreams. But small ones are a reason to increase their activity. The family dream book interprets the amputated hand as a sign of a quick separation from a spouse or other close person. Such a dream is also a precursor of deception and fraud.

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