Why is it helpful to be alone?

The word "loneliness" sounds so sad and sad that if it is addressed to you, then you want to immediately cover your face and burst into tears. But think about it, because there is no linguistic drama in this word initially: “one” does not mean abandoned by others, which means “only me and no one else”. You must admit that there is a share of exclusivity in this: the world is for you, and you are for it. To understand that loneliness is not suffering at all, but just as wonderful a discovery as to realize that society requires something from you all the time (being thin, being successful, etc.) and it is not always SOMETHING. for your individual good. Being able to be lonely means, in essence, finding a common language with oneself, which is given to many more difficultly than finding these same languages ​​with others. And what else is useful loneliness? We have found at least another 8 advantages, which, if they do not force you to file for divorce, retire from Facebook and go to live in the forest, they will surely prove that loneliness is no apocalypse, but invigorating “recharge” for the brain, heart, soul and the whole body.

Plus number 1

Strangely enough, but in loneliness time is spent more rationally. You do not need to maintain a useless discussion with friends, disingenuously rejoice at the victory of your favorite boyfriend’s football team, give someone advice on a topic in which you don’t understand anything ... but at least a couple can be identified.

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