Why jumps up barley

About the occurrence of this disease can be found long before the swelling and swollen ball filled with pus. If you feel that the edge of the century has begun to itch, itch and hurt, then it is more likely that you have barley. Why does he jump up?
Many associate the appearance of barley with colds. In part, this is because during the period of cold and flu, when the body’s immunity is lowered, all sorts of bacteria and microorganisms begin to be activated, in particular Staphylococcus aureus - most often causing purulent inflammation of the last century. The infection penetrates the hair follicle, causing skin inflammation.
Pathogens can get into and out of the eye if personal hygiene rules are not followed. That is why this ailment very often affects children, as they often touch the face and eyes. If you very often suffer from barley and cannot find the cause of this phenomenon, think about whether you were allowed to use your cosmetics by someone: makeup brushes, applicators and sponges, and also how often you wash them.The fact is that infected and insufficiently clean products for the application of cosmetics can cause barley in you.
You can inherit this ailment from your relatives and associate its appearance with a decrease in the body's defenses. Barley acts as a signal that there are some problems in the immune system. Very often, such a malfunction of the body’s defense system causes chronic diseases, in particular, avitaminosis, gastrointestinal diseases - gastritis, colitis, ulcers and diseases of the endocrine system - diabetes mellitus. If you have problems of this kind, you may suffer from frequent barley.
Against the background of reduced immunity and activation of the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, furunculosis can develop - a severe purulent-necrotic process affecting the hair follicle and all the tissues adjacent to it. As a result, painful acne - pustules - can appear anywhere on the body, including the eyelid.

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