Why do men not like to take joint photos?

Social networks and the Internet magically both eased and made life difficult for us by inventing new problems that even a generation of our older sisters have never encountered. Would you go on a second date with him, if after the first you caught him again on a dating site? At what stage do you need to switch from correspondence to calls and at what point to add (and is it worth it ?!) of the candidate of your interest in social networks? Do you give your partner passwords from your social networks accounts and when to start beating an alarm if he hides his Facebook from you? And what to do if you are already officially together, and he does not want to post your joint photos (what can we say, he even makes them reluctantly!) And check-ins? We argue that the last problem is familiar to many girls: first, in order to persuade him to make (and change the ten times) a joint selfie, you need to take a good try, then he refuses to choose the filter and signature together, and then he will grumble at all you still hung this photo in the ribbon, and yes even marked it on it.

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You can relate to social networks as you like and assume that this is a temporary toy or a resource for communication that does not mean anything in real life, but anyway, if you and your partner are using them, this means that they are at least part of the fact as you imagine yourself to the world in public.

Why are men so indifferent to the manifestations of romance on social networks, do not share the women's passion for sharing photos or even refuse to publish them? Do you need to start worrying that something is wrong with your relationship if your partner has not published any of your photos on his page for the entire time of your novel? Without drama and without jokes we decided to study the actual problem in detail.

He is not active in social networks
By itself, the idea of ​​sitting and looking at other people's beautiful pictures from a vacation, reading shocking news and reacting to someone's sentimental posts does not seem attractive to him, so he doesn’t spend time on likes and sharas, but he perceives social networks as an electronic phone book and checks messages no more than once a day (or even a week).Such an increasingly less common asocial “fruit” does not post joint photos, simply because it does not appear on social networks and does not live by their rules.

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He doesn't want a serious relationship.
He likes you, and he has a great time with your company, but in his heart he is not sure that it will be for a long time, and therefore he prefers not to publish collaborative photos, so that after some time you don’t have to delete them and explain to friends from the tape that he once had a girlfriend. The presence of evidence that you are a couple, on a page on a social network, is still a serious step, which means that you are both confident in each other to “reveal” in the tape and publicly tell everyone about your novel.

He for some reason wants to seem all alone
And what if you know that he sits for hours online, makes posts, uploads photos, but only without your presence on them? There is an option that, for some reason, he wants to appear lonely to his surroundings on a social network - for example, if his company is not supposed to be a henpecked and too romantic type.If such “network indifference” is present, along with other signs of indifference (often does not answer calls, hides the phone from you, does not tell where it is), then this can already mean cheating.

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He uses social networks as a working tool.
For the same reason, he does not come to work in slippers - he is still engaged in responsible work, which means that the approach to the work must be serious. Typically, this type of social network users want to be neutral in their profile, and on their page they only cover issues related to work, so that the occasional visitor who logs into their account sees them as professionals in their field, albeit in such a bit impersonal manner.

He prefers not to share his personal life in social networks.
Everything he holds close to his heart, he prefers to keep a secret, not only from his friends in social networks, but also from the majority of people who are not too familiar to him. It’s hard to argue with such a position, even in the modern world to be open and visible - this is such a “new black”, because social networks are its personal space,where he sets rules and boundaries. Well, if there are more cats on his page than you, then this does not mean that he loves you less. Just cats - they are for everyone, that's why it is so easy and pleasant to post them.

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