Why take a smear?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
March 20, 2013
Why take a smear?

A smear is one of the methods of examination, which is based on the doctor collecting the necessary amount of material from the mucous membrane. In women, this analysis is most often used in gynecology, in men, in urology, and in children, in cases of tonsillitis. But, why take a smear that can reveal with it?

Smear. What is it and for what

In the dictionary Ushakov about the word "smear" it is said that this is a thin layer of some liquid discharge, smeared on glass for the purpose of microscopic examination. Quite a clear explanation, but why take a smear? These studies reveal the presence of pathogenic bacteria, cancer cells, assess hormones and the general condition of the tissues.

In children, to establish the nature of the bacterial flora and sensitivity to antibacterial drugs for sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, take a smear from the nasopharynx, throat and tonsils. The procedure is performed with sterile tampons and in good light.

Why take a smear from men

In men, smear taken from the genitals.Why take a smear from men and what is it? A bacterial smear from the urethra helps to determine the type of microbes and their number in order to understand the cause of the inflammation. Thus, it is possible to identify: urethritis, prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases: gonorrhea, trichomaniasis, chlamydia.

Smear in gynecology

During routine check-ups at gynecologists, women always take a smear for flora. And what does the gynecologist take for a smear? If a woman is undergoing treatment, a smear is taken for an infection, a smear for sterility, for cytology. Why do such a thorough examination?

  1. A smear on the flora assesses the microflora, i.e. the presence of pathogenic bacteria and their number. It is taken during the medical examination, once every three months.
  2. A smear on the infection determines those infections that were not detected during the study on the flora: genital herpes, apillomavirus, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, candidiasis.
  3. A smear on sterility is a smear on the degree of purity and on the hormonal background. It determines the contents of the vagina and is carried out using Tampax, entered at 8 o'clock.
  4. A smear on cytology reveals a deviation in the cervix. It is also called the Pa-test.

So, a smear is important for detecting a disease and confirming successful treatment.

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