Why doesn't a girl want?

Why the girl does not want

Why the girl does not want

Why the girl does not want



Of course, each of us would like to have a harmonious relationship with pleasant evenings, meetings based on trust and mutual understanding. And here we met the girl with whom we are ready to spend the rest of our days. We do our best to pay attention to our people, but we do not always get reciprocity. There are many options for this development. Today we will try to sort out every issue in detail. Also pay attention to how to properly wear a condom.


Why does not the girl want to date?


The main reason why the girl does not want to meet - the problem of a personal nature. How can I find out? Try to find out from her mutual friends what might disturb the girl. If after conversations and conversations you have not received the desired answer, then you need to wait and see the behavior of the girl.


How to behave further if you find out that the girl is dating another young man? Of course, it's best to put this girl and wish you happiness in building relationships.But you should not try to build your dreams, neglecting others ... What to do if a girl is madly in love and you are ready for everything for her? Then you must make every effort to get reciprocity on her part. If a girl does not feel the same warm feelings for you, then you need to ask, what is the reason for this behavior?


Why doesn't a girl want to chat?


There are several answers to this question.


First- you just met, and then the girl says abruptly that she does not want to continue communication. The main reason is that the girl did not like the behavior and format of your communication during the first meeting. Think about your behavior, about what they said, perhaps you behaved too familiarly. Of course, it is best to change your behavior and listen to the advice of loved ones if you want to look like a decent and good young man in the eyes of your chosen one. There is another option: the girl needed you when she needed to speak out, share her sufferings, sadness, roughly speaking, you were just a yolk, and now your role is complete. But, in this case, you have more chances to achieve the location of the girl.


Second option- you communicate, spend a lot of time together, and here she abruptly declares her desire not to support further communication. In this case, a girl may be offended at you, think about what you did and what words you said. You do not need to turn around and leave, it's best to weigh all the chances and make up with the girl. It is not necessary to look for some problem in her behavior, maybe you have forgotten an important date, or you have not fulfilled her request ... In any case, it is best to ask her.


Third option-girl chose another. If you really value your relationship, then you need to talk to the girl in order to finally figure out all the nuances. Ask all your questions, so you don’t have to worry about its solution.


Why the girl does not want to kiss?


Why the girl does not want

Why the girl does not want

There are many answers to this question, we will try to disclose the most common ones.

For example, if you recently met a girl, but you are already experiencing physical attraction to her, then do not rush to kiss because maybe she perceives you as a friend. If you want to quickly move to a new level of relationships, then you care for her, pay more attention, and she will appreciate your actions.Perhaps she is simply not ready for a new relationship if she has recently experienced a tragic break. In this case, it is better to postpone a little with new relationships. She can also be very shy, then you need to be more assertive. If you meet for a long time, and the girl refuses to kiss, then it is better to ask about the reason for this behavior. Why is it so? Depending on the offense, the girl does not want to continue communication and finally break the link. The question is why a girl does not want to kiss is very wide, and it is very difficult to answer him in one article.


Psychologists have identified a number of reasons because of which the girl does not want to kiss:

  1. she is sick and does not want you to get infected;
  2. no matter how trite it may sound, but the girl ate garlic and does not want you to smell an unpleasant smell;
  3. girls do not like the smell of nicotine and alcohol. It is best to buy chewing gum.
  4. you are not shaved, and girls do not like hardness when kissing.


Why doesn't a girl want sex?


To understand a woman is not given to everyone. Even more so to find out the reasons why she does not want to have sex can only experienced ladies' men.In addition, some girls very rarely talk on such topics, and even more so discuss the problems of an intimate nature, so the men themselves will have to understand the reasons for such a refusal.


We have identified some of them:

  1. she is shy, so you must be active and persistent.
  2. she survived a difficult parting and she did not want to be offended and abandoned again
  3. she never had a man, so be as attentive as possible.
  4. she is tired and she is not at all up to you.
  5. she started her period
  6. she just wants to break the relationship and kick you out of her life.

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