Why throw children?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
March 6, 2015
Why throw children?

It's no secret that orphanages today are literally overflowing with children abandoned by their parents. Only in some cases there are orphans who have no immediate relatives alive. In most situations, parents refuse children. Can such an act be justified or is it an unforgivable fault? In this article we will look at the reasons why parents abandon children.

Common causes of child abandonment

If you highlight the most common reasons why parents abandon their children, then we can note three factors:

  1. financial situation;
  2. age;
  3. irresponsibility.

Social insecurity can be called the most frequent “justification” of parents (especially mothers) who leave their children. Most of them refer to the fact that they have nothing to feed and raise a child. Thus, they decide to transfer such expenses to the state.

The second most common cause is the age of the mother of the child or both parents.Very often these days, a woman’s pregnancy is unplanned due to her youth and inexperience. And the last “objective” reason often becomes a consequence of this. Until a certain age is reached, a person is not able to approach the issue of having a child with the necessary responsibility.

Other reasons

Often the reason for abandoning children may be their unwillingness to raise them at all. The basis of this behavior is, as a rule, the lack of love for the child. Often a young woman expecting a child from an unworthy person, in her opinion, does not want to raise a baby. She identifies him with his father and abandons him in the same way.

Sometimes the children are abandoned by one of the parents. As a rule, these are fathers, although there are unfortunately a lot of cases when a mother leaves a child. This happens for two main reasons. In the first case, one of the parents knowingly abandons the child. In the case of fathers, perhaps even before his birth. They may simply disappear and not remember their fatherhood for a long time, and sometimes their whole life. Usually these are situations when such “fathers” believe that a woman’s pregnancy has nothing to do with them, since they have always been against her.

The second case is not less common.Here dad leaves the already existing family. And in most situations, goes to another family or to another woman. The child’s mother can do the same, leaving him in the care and upbringing of the father. However, the number of such cases, compared with the departure of the father, is much smaller. Perhaps the reason lies in the saving maternal instinct.

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