Why you have to be selfish

  1. The egoist loves herself. It has long been known that if a woman does not love herself, then those around her are not particularly eager to envelop her with love. It is logical. Why treat a person better than he treats himself?
  2. An egoist can say no. No matter who. A friend who once again asks for a loan. A colleague who wants to shift the development of the project to someone else. A man who is waiting for the development of relations. If the egoist is not ready for certain actions, she boldly declares this.
  3. The egoist is not afraid of condemnation. She understands that it is impossible to please everyone. So why try, especially to the detriment of yourself?

Why you have to be selfish

From the above, we can conclude that egoists are happy people, because they know how to understand what they want, and do not hesitate to fulfill their desires. So why not cultivate rational egoism in yourself? It is easier than it seems.

It is enough to understand that any living being cares first of all about its own interests. This does not mean that others do not need help. Necessary. But not at the expense of themselves. Do not be afraid to refuse help if you are not sure what you can and want to help.People who are used to shifting their problems on you will be very surprised when you first refuse them help. But time will pass, and they will have to come to terms with it. Moreover, they will respect you more.

More difficult is the situation with relatives. They sometimes very cleverly manipulate family relationships, while they are harder to refuse - not strangers after all people. But even here it should be understood that the love of relatives does not give them the right to exploit you.

You have every right to feel bad, have other plans or an urgent task for work. By the way, about work. Some of them come across particularly tricky colleagues who first try to make friends, and then “friendly” ask them to do something from the list of their duties. Bailing out a colleague is a noble cause, but will your personal time, which you could spend profitably, suffer from this? If yes, then boldly refuse.

Why you have to be selfish

To be able to say emphatically “no” is also necessary in relationships with men. To get what they want, some men are capable of making such performances that Broadway would envy. They blackmail parting, reproach, point to your shortcomings only in order to "bend" to your own interests. And the girl runs to fulfill the whims of men in fear of being alone, even if not eager.

It is not easy to start thinking about your needs if you have lived for a long time in the interests of other people, but this must be done for your own good. Prioritize, assess your abilities and your desires, remember how often you were denied, and realize that you are not Chip and Dale, who are always in a hurry to help. And let selfishness is still considered a negative characteristic, but then you will live in harmony with yourself. The main thing is not to depend heavily on what others think about your new lifestyle.

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