Why you should give up the pareo and how to replace it

Pareo is one of the basic things of a beach holiday in Russia, to criticize which moveton. Meanwhile, the shawl, proposed as a cape for a swimsuit, is hopelessly outdated and should remain at the beginning of zero, which is too early to be nostalgic. Fortunately, there are a great many options for replacing it.


Shirts of free cut will come to the rescue, shifting the pareo from the pedestal. Models of light colors emphasize the tan favorably, and these shirts are made, usually from natural fabrics. It is best to complement the straw hat or gladiator sandals. The silhouette should not be tight-fitting, so oversize shirts will do.


Pareo can never replace a full-fledged skirt, sari or dress, it is only a second-rate surrogate, which we are forced to use in the absence of these things. Why not throw on a real dress in which you can immediately go to the cafe and change a cold drink after dressing up at the beach?


The most popular design, which is trying to make a pareo, is a skirt.Therefore, the actual skirt is one of the most obvious options that come to mind. True, the pareo is by no means a stable structure that threatens to disintegrate, and a magnificent skirt will make you irresistible. Overstated waist with a wide elastic band, splendor and graceful silhouette ... can a pareo compare with this?


The cape is the most popular item on which the stars choose their choice. The celebrity of different scale in the favor of country-style cape with a constant fringe. Best of all this item is combined with shorts. What is the inferior pareo? The cape has sleeves, due to which it does not fall off the shoulders at every step.


Different tunics and ponchos are in fact, variations on the theme of a cape, only with an ethnic flair in its base. Too short for everyday wear, they look good on the beach. Now in the fashion psychedelic print, with a long look at which hallucinations may begin. Hippie chic, lacking only bandages on the forehead and round glasses ... but these are details. Ponchos and tunics gained mass popularity simultaneously with pareo, but unlike their beach friend remained relevant to this day.

Almost any item from the summer wardrobe can take the place of the pareo. The main thing is that it should be made of high-quality fabrics that “breathe”, can be easily washed and dry quickly. And if you are trying to ensure that your shoulders are tanned, but are afraid to lower the straps on the swimsuit, open-shoulder tops are perfect.

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