Winter hand-made articles: a voluminous postcard

Winter hand-made articles: a voluminous postcardInside the postcard, you can put a snowy forest or a decorated Christmas tree, becoming "bulk". Such a postcard is in itself a good gift for friends and acquaintances, and the technique used for it is, in fact, an ordinary application. Such a postcard for the New Year can be done with the child, and if he knows how to handle scissors, then he can do everything himself.


Postcard: forest on strips of paper


"Bulk" elements of the postcard can be made by attaching them, cut out separately, to strips of thick paper. When folded, the card will appear flat, and in the opened state, the bent stripes will unbend, showing the paper figures attached to them.


You will need: paper, cardboard, glue and scissors.


1. Cut out the very basis for a postcard from thick paper of the desired color (for example, blue).
2. Fold in half.
3. Consider how many trees there should be in your forest clearing. You will need the same number of strips on which they will hold.Let's say 5 of them.
4. Make strips in the card itself: cut it in a fold with scissors 6 times. Always make at least 1 cut more than you need trees (or more if you want the trees to "stand" not close).
This is a volume postcard, that is, you can have trees in the background and foreground, depending on the length of the strips. Long pair incisions will provide you with a foreground, and short ones for the back.
5. Now you have a strip attached to the card. Open it and bend all the strips forward, ironing the fold.
6. Now you have places to attach the trees themselves. Cut out their silhouettes from paper separately and paint. You can add, for example, an owl to one of them, and, of course, snow caps on almost all branches.
7. Glue the trees to the taped strips, as if they were “standing” on the bottom of the postcard.
8. Supplement the moon or the sun in the sky, above the trees, pasting it or drawing. It is not possible to glue trees on every strip — place a snowman or some animal, for example, a hare, in your meadow.
9. Done! It remains only to sign the card, and you can give it.


Winter hand-made articles: a voluminous postcard


Postcard: Christmas tree on the fold


There are three more good ways to make a three-dimensional postcard, taking advantage of its internal fold. For the first minimalist version, you will need, in addition to glue and scissors, a few strips of green or variegated paper, a little brown for the fir-tree leg, and red for the star.


Fold the base of the postcard in half. Each "level" of the branches of the Christmas tree will consist of one strip of green or motley paper, so make them of different widths and lengths. Fold each “accordion”, and glue the edges to the two halves of the postcard in the inner fold, from wide and long at the bottom to narrow and short at the top. Then, also on the fold, but without the volume, glue the star cut from red paper, and down - the trunk of spruce.


Winter hand-made articles: a voluminous postcard


The second option requires thin handling of a paper-cutting knife, and is not very suitable for children: carefully draw with a pencil the silhouette of a spruce with stylized legs-paws on the fold, leaving a place for fixing (i.e. all the elements are obtained as if in a projection), and then make cuts, having raised and bent the places left for fastening. At disclosure the picture will be voluminous.


The figure can be cut and on the fold is not thick cardboard, but colored paper, which will then be glued inside the card. Draw a few curves - fir-tree branches, and make cuts right along them with scissors, and then just bend the paper so that the fold falls in the middle of the Christmas tree. Then glue to the postcard-based.

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