Winter Wedding: 6 most popular myths

In the summer, we see a real wedding boom. After all, most people prefer to marry in the warm season. And in vain! Winter weddings have their advantages.

Many believe that those who decided to play a wedding in the winter, andthe relationship will be cold.

Pros and cons of a winter wedding
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In fact, this is complete nonsense! For a long time, autumn and winter have been chosen for weddings in Russia. In the summer, everyone was busy with agricultural work, what a wedding here! The largest peak of weddings accounted for the period after Advent and lasted until Shrovetide. He was even called "wedding". In some regions, trying to get married immediately after the Christmas time. They even guessed at the star - if a new one lights up, this is a good sign for the newlyweds. February was considered to be a happy time for marriage. Young people married in the last month of winter were predicted of a long and happy life. The main thing for lovers was to have time to get married before Shrovetide. By the way, in the Oil Week bachelors picked up a bride for themselves.Interestingly, as in Western countries, Valentine's Day is celebrated in February.

Another stereotype associated with winter weddings is that the bridewill not be able to let the dress with an open top.

Winter Weddings: Expectation and Reality
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In fact, there are a lot of lace, light, gentle and romantic capes. They give the image a special zest. They can cover and neckline. Also for the winter costume of the bride it is appropriate to use a coat made of natural and artificial snow-white and tinted furs, fur coats in the style of "a la the Snow Maiden". Designers every year develop a generous collection of dresses for winter weddings. With guipure and lace sleeves, reminiscent of winter patterns on the windows, with fluffy skirts, packs of different lengths. It is in winter that the bride can put on a silver kokoshnik, a refined tiara, decorate herself with a pearl and crystal necklace.

Another disadvantage of the winter celebration, according to many, is thatthe decor of such a wedding would be very meager.

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In fact, at any time of the year you can find inexhaustible topics for inspiration. “Wedding train” in threes, a photo session of the bride and groom with horses, fluffy huskies and samoyeds amid falling snow flakes - this is only a small part of the advantages. You can arrange a snow sculpture contest, a ransom in the old Russian style.In winter, you can have a feast outside the city in a wooden house or in a manor house. And turn it into a real castle of the Snow Queen. White and pearl threads, ornaments in the form of snowflakes and beads, natural cones, needles, wooden figures of deer and cozy knitted decor elements will look good in the interior. The main thing - to observe the measure and not to turn the wedding in the New Year. And as flower pots - figure skates. The atmosphere of magic in the interior will create candles and antique lightings. If you are celebrating a wedding at the weekend, you can leave with the guests at the ski base and spend it actively, skiing in the following days on skis and “buns”, and gather in the evening in front of the flooded fireplace. Real romance! In winter, the wedding becomes like a real fairy tale.

The following fact, which confuses supporters to sign in the winter, is during this periodproducts are worseand the wedding table will not break from the dishes.

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In fact, at this time of year, guests will be pleased with the pickles, jams, perhaps even performed by the hero of the occasion, the bride. Or her relatives. If in the summer you can get by with a light buffet, then in the winter, of course, it's better to think about hearty dishes. No meat can not do.But it is not necessary to choose beef and mutton, it can be dishes from chicken, duck or goose. Why, for example, after a street photo session to warm up, not to give guests chicken broth? Aperitifs with red fish are very appropriate on the winter table. By the way, now without problems it is easy to get and in the winter fresh greens, vegetables and fruits. Do not forget that winter is a time of citrus. As for sweets, snow-white marshmallows, meringues, marmalade, marshmallow, gingerbreads and cookies will be expected to be served in winter. The highlight of serving can be an elegant semi-antique service. In addition to champagne you can apply hot mulled wine. Drinks are appropriate herbal teas, cocoa. In the design of the cake at the winter wedding is also an abyss of fantasy. Winter castle, snowdrift, decoration with snowflakes, coniferous twigs, cones, cranberries and cloudberries. By the way, the summer strawberry on the winter cake will seem like a particularly exotic guest. Even in the winter assortment - pomegranates, persimmon, apples in caramel.

Another controversial statement - in the winterprices for wedding services are highersummer

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But in fact it turns out that at this time of the year it will even be possible to save.In winter, weddings are played less often. Therefore, in any agency you will be confirmed that the services of the organizer, photographer and designer in the snowy season are much lower. Prices for suburban complexes where you can hold a celebration, also reduced. As for the wedding abroad and honeymoon - in the winter on the trip, you can also save a lot. By the way, in winter in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, the temperature can reach plus 20 degrees Celsius. Hairdresser and makeup artist will also cost you less. Prices for wedding dresses and attributes in the winter are also reduced.

But supporters of a healthy lifestyle believe that during the winter wedding willcatch cold easilyor a virus.

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In fairness it should be noted that this may well be. But practice shows that love warms even in winter. Many brides then tell their friends with admiration how they in one dress posed in front of the photographer against the background of a snowy forest landscape, but they did not freeze and didn’t get sick. But it is better to be over. So stock up for a photo shoot with a thermos with cranberry or herbal tea, grab a warm blanket, warm socks and boots.Take breaks, warm yourself in a warm room. For a street photo shoot it is better to stock up on graceful boots and even stylish felt boots. If you are still afraid to catch a cold, take preventive flu shots, strengthen your immune system and take vitamins. It never stopped anyone.

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