Without complexes: 35 pregnant bikini stars

Well, yes, the forms are changing. But it is natural! And you can sunbathe during pregnancy - any doctor will tell you. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Many mommies, being pregnant for the first time, are very worried about their figure. Every stretch, every swelling, every extra kilogram is marked. Struggling to mask the growing tummy, buying overalls, and leave on the sea strike out from the calendar. Like, all the same in a bathing suit will not show. And console themselves that sunbathing is harmful to pregnant women. Although in fact not - if the doctor has allowed, then do not worry. And splashing into the sea is even useful.

For example, Kate Hudson knows this for sure. And puts pictures that may seem even piquant - because the swimsuit is not visible at all. Give birth to the actress, by the way, in August.

pregnant bikini stars
Photo: @katehudson

Or, for example, Candice Swanepoel is one of Victoria’s Secret's most beautiful angels. She is expecting a second child and the baby should be born very soon. In anticipation of this event, Candace spends his days on the sunny coast of Brazil.The blonde blonde hails from South Africa, so she simply cannot imagine herself without the bright sun and warm sea.

However, Candace and Kate are not the only celebrities who do not hesitate to pose in a bikini while pregnant. We have found many more celebrities, who are happy to post their non-studio, unprocessed, non-glossy images from the series “in an interesting position” on the social network. Some of these stars, by the way, should give birth this summer.

In general, if you are still shy, take a look at the smiling faces of the idols of millions. And feel free to go to the sea. Just do not forget perfectionism from the suitcase to pull out and leave at home, preferably in a dark corner. You are beautiful.

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