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Write for us and contribute your manly knowledge and expertise!

At Next Luxury our fulfillment and endeavors are focused on being the upper echelon in online resources for men. We encourage positive lifestyle principals for gentlemen, and set the marks high for distinguished advice. In return, our men’s magazine welcomes new contributors and writers whose passion and motivation aligns with our own.

If you’re an expert in your respected field and can provide knowledgeable insight across any of our topics of discussion for men, we’d love to hear from you. Become a partner with Next Luxury and share your story, emerging news, challenges, products and advice with our audience of men.

Contributor Benefits

  • You’ll change lives and assist men in becoming better, more knowledge and positive gentlemen.
  • Your impact will have a global reach on a male audience from around the world, putting your name in front of millions of readers.
  • Set your own schedule and contribute as often or as little as you prefer. There are no commitments when working with Next Luxury or deadlines to follow.

Take a look below to see what we’re interested in publishing the following content on our men’s magazine. To be accepted for publication you must have supporting research, knowledge or expertise. In summary we’re looking for in-depth articles that are accurate and constructively creative.

Men’s Articles, News and Advice

Our resource for men covers a wide range of areas of interest; from style and fashion to business and travel, among many others. Publications can also include generalized male lifestyle advice or tips which benefit men as a whole.

Requirements: Introduction, body and conclusion consisting of a minimum 900 word article. There is no maximum word count required; we encourage experts and those passionate about their relevant interests and field to write as much as they deem appropriate. Additionally, please include a title for the article, and any applicable research sources.

Men’s Gear And Products

Our men’s buyers’ guide covers every angle of products available currently for the men’s market. These products include clothing, grooming items, fitness supplements, household products, entertainment, among others. There are no restrictions on prices; some are exorbitantly high while other men’s gear is more affordable. We aim to source the best men’s gear that’s moderately priced in the middle of the scale to ensure every man, no matter the wealth or income, can always afford a handful of items.

Requirements: Introduction and body consisting of a minimum 600 word article. Lists of specifications or product dimensions are not counted towards the minimum. You must describe the product in full detail, explain the benefits and uses, and discuss your original thoughts and impressions.

Helpful Notes For Publishing A Piece

Please follow these simple guidelines in addition to the ones stated above:

  • Your article must be original content, meaning it’s creative, unique and hasn’t been published elsewhere online. It may not be distributed to other websites.
  • You may include relevant information about your background such as your biography, which is helpful for the readers and establishing your character.
  • Additionally, upon sending us your article you acknowledge that you accept and agree to our website terms of use. Your publication may also require editing, and be modified by our editorial team.

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