Year of the Rat in the Chinese horoscope: what are they - people-rats?

Rat Year Positive characteristics Negative characteristics
Metallic 1960 Unbending will power, perseverance, high level of intellectual development Uncompromising, stubbornness, arrogance
Water 1972 Excellent intuition, softness, sensitivity Particular attention to someone else's opinion, statement, leniency
Wooden 1884 Pride, independence, sensitivity, artistry Inability to earn and rationally spend incomes, short temper and incessantness in one case
Fiery 1996 Love for travel and change, innovation, sharp mind and energy Variability, inconsistency, desire to mock, sharp tongue and viciousness
Earthy 2008 Diligence, discipline, practicality, prudence Propensity to depression, inertness

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