You can fit everything you need even in the smallest kitchen

Not everyone was lucky to be the owners of a spacious kitchen, which passes into the dining room. Many apartments have to cook in a very limited area. But in order to confidently take on any culinary experiments, you need to have everything you need at hand. Use the tricks suggested by the designers to equip your small kitchen.

Use the same colors to decorate the window, furniture and walls.

So you can combine space, visually making it more spacious. This may be especially true if your house has brick walls and a rather wide window sill.

Discard closed lockers

Replace your headset with open shelves. So the room will be freer. Everything you need to hide, store at the bottom.

Glossy surfaces

They perfectly reflect the light, and therefore increase the space.For windows, choose blinds or roman blinds so as not to occupy the area around the window.

Monochrome solution

Although for small rooms it is advised to use light colors, you can experiment with black. But choose cool shades, leaving the walls light.

Immortal classic

And this style is suitable for small rooms, but give up excess decor, giving preference to strict clean lines.

Kitchen with loft style elements

This style is most often used in spacious rooms. Maybe that's why many people associate it with space and free space. Use this feature by making some style elements in the design of a small kitchen.

Get rid of all that is superfluous

The minimalism style is perfect for the smallest rooms, because they are built in Japan, where it originated. Hide the dishes and appliances behind closed panels, and use bright accents as decor.

Beige range

Beige colors, cream and shades of baked milk will create a cozy space in any kitchen. You can even add details and complement the interior with bright textiles.Choose a slightly simplified classic silhouettes, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

Sunny colors

Yellow works in a small space almost as well as white. This color will fill the room with light and energy. Prefer graphic shapes and simple silhouettes.

Corner boxes

The main rule of a small kitchen is the maximum use of space. The corners are often not filled with dishes because of the inconvenience of ordinary furniture. Use special shaped drawers to access any point in the kitchen.

Scandinavian style

The whole idea of ​​this style works to increase the room light and air. A minimum of detail, a lot of white and light wood. It is better to choose dishes for such a kitchen concise or to give preference to an unusual experimental design.

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